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Hoist UK introduce the new Integrated Lighting Bar Winch (ILB)

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Hoist UK boast an impressive range of products, which are designed and manufactured in house, and they believe that UK based manufacture is extremely important in Britain’s dwindling economy.

Hoist UK are proud to announce the launch of their Integrated Lighting Bar Winch, which is a truss mounted, fully integrated lighting bar and winch system; designed and built with both safety and economy in mind for the end user.

The ILB is perfectly suited for small studios, theatres and school applications due to its compact and modular design. It’s simple ‘plug and play’ design allows a quick and easy installation; which will inevitably save time and money, compared to a standard pilewind winch installation as only one item needs to be mounted in the venue rather than multiple products.

An electrical pilewind winch (rated for loads of 125kg and 250kg and with up to six lines) is mounted within the truss, along with a number of drop pulleys which allows a quick and easy method of raising and lowering lighting bars, scenery backdrops or similar suspensions.

The ILB is an extremely versatile product, in that it can be mounted to most structures with a simple clip or hanger. Key safety features of the Integrated Lighting Bar Winch are:

• Six position limit switch

• High starting torque

• Thermal overload protection

• Manual override operation for emergency use (with safety interlock)

• Self-sustaining gearbox

• Additional safety holding brake

• Unique integral safety gear

Hoist UK’s motto is Safety Above All, and all of their products are designed with this in mind.

For more information on this product, please click here

Hoist UK provides fast winch for electronic guidance system experiments

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010


Hoist UK have supplied a leading UK air defence company with an electric rope winch and control system for experimental work which involve a controlled drop of a electronic sensor towards the ground to enable a set of readings to be taken before it is brought to a halt just above the ground, without damaging this very expensive piece of equipment.

The sensor is connected to the winch through a set of pulleys and is guided by a system of additional ropes and rigging.

Due to the nature of the experiment it was not possible… Read more

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK keeps the flag flying

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Hoist UK has recently completed work on the flagpole of one of the country’s most famous royal residences and although this was not one of the largest jobs we have been involved with it is certainly one of the most unusual jobs we have been asked to work on.

During certain ceremonies and during royal residencies the Union Jack or the Royal Standard has to be proudly flown come rain, hail or shine.

Hoist UK were asked to solve a problem whereby an existing winch was causing the rope to be caught within the top pulley of the flag pole and jamming the flag, and with a flag at half mast would cause some rather embarrassing questions to be asked…. Read more

Remember: Safety Above All

Hanging artwork with Hoist UK

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Manchester City Council commissioned Chrysalis Arts, an artist-led public art company, to provide the piece of unique artwork for the foyer of Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe.

The artwork was produced using equipment from the schools old gymnasium and classroom’s in its construction, so the piece has quite a unique history linking it to the old school before its face lift.

Employed by Balfour Beatty; Hoist UK provided a winch, rigging and suspension structure to enable the artwork to be hung and to have the ability to be raised and lowered for cleaning or alteration by the school…. Read more

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK – Release two new products

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Hoist UK are proud to announce that two new products have been added to their entertainment portfolio:

LX Ladder:

The Hoist UK LX Ladder is a purpose built aluminium ladder beam designed to BS8118 – Structural use of aluminium, and fully load rated and certified.

The optimum design of the ladder offers the best possible strength to weight ratio. The top and bottom chords and verticals have been specifically designed to allow for the maximum mount of useable chord for suspensions and loading purposes.

The LX Ladder is designed for suspension using the top chord and loaded using the bottom chord. The ladder is normally internally wired with either 15A round pin BS546 socket outlet commonly used for stage lighting equipment; it will also accept a 13A BS1363 rectangular pin (UK standard) socket outlet or 16A BS EN 60309 type socket outlet more commonly used for TV and Film lighting equipment.

The LX Ladder comes with a robust steel end box which is designed to be fitted to the end of the ladder providing a neat termination box where the internally wired circuits can connect with fixed wiring or multicore cables via a standard 19 pin Socopex connector or a similar connector of your choice. LX Ladder can be used in winch, hoist and counter weight installations up to fifteen (15) metres long and requires a support attached to the top chord at least every three (3) metres to safely operate within our published load tables (below).

LX Ladder can be supplied without internal cabling and sockets for use as a load rated scenery bar. The top and bottom chords of LX Ladder are 48mm diameter, so it can be use with all your existing standard fixtures. LX Ladder can be provided in a steel construction for installations whereby the increase in self weight would be beneficial and other sizes and lengths of LX Ladder can be produced on application.

 Based on a contemporary design, Hoist UK has managed to lose a lot of the excess weight from the conventional winch design without losing strength or quality.


Pilewind Winch:

An ideal solution for schools, smaller venues and retail outlets for banners, small trusses and lighting bars. Perfect for installations where access to a three phase power supply is problematic.The unit has been designed for ease of installation with the minimum of parts and a complete range of header and diverter pulleys specially designed for use with the pilewind winch.

Every Hoist UK pilewind winch will be supplied with a certificate of conformity and will have been load tested in our works prior to dispatch.


· Compact dimensions
· Robust and lightweight construction
· WLL: 125kg / 250kg / 400kg
· Number of rope outputs: 2 to 6 line as standard
· Nominal winching speed: 4 m/min
· Nominal drum capacity: 12 metres
· Design factor 10:1
· Self sustaining worm gearbox with brake unit
· Secondary brake available instead of self sustaining worm gearbox, if required.
· Electric limit switch (4 position as standard, 6 position available)
· Electrical Options: Supplied with either pendant, wall mount control panel, radio controlled or without electrical cubicle
· Power supply: 220V 1ph 50Hz or 415V 3ph 50hz
· Low voltage control circuit as standard
· Finish: Silver
· Tested and certified with owners manual
· Designed and manufactured to BS7905 -1; Specification for the design and manufacture of above stage equipment
· CE Marked
· Designed and built in the UK

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK release a new range of manual winches

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Industrial and entertainment lifting gear specialists Hoist UK Ltd have recently taken a UK distributorship of the complete manual hand winch range from the Dutch winch manufacturer Gebuwin.

In addition to the very competitive Verlinde range of manual winches Hoist UK can now offer a full range of spur gear models ranging from 125kg to 2,000kg and worm-gear winches with capacities ranging from 250kg to 5,000kg. Both the spur gear and worm gear winches come in either a painted finish or galvanised finish. All models have sealed bearings and adjustable crank handles.

Hans Siertsema, Managing Director of Gebuwin BV tied up the deal with Hoist UK’s Paul Jordan and says “As a manufacturer of hoisting equipment we are happy to do business with Hoist UK because their team has great knowledge of anything to do with professional hoisting. Whether standard or specialised equipment, their engineers will provide a solution”.

Gebuwin winches fit perfectly into our standard range of quality equipment and the multi compartment and grooved drum versions will be perfect for entertainment applications” added Jordan.

The winches are very competitively priced and Hoist UK will be stocking the most popular range with the rest of the winches available for dispatch directly from the manufacturer within a short time.

Fellow Hoist UK Director Tony Dickson commented “At Hoist UK we aim to provide high quality and robust equipment which is not only good value for money but more importantly fit for purpose”

The Hoist UK manual winch catalogue is available for download directly from the Hoist UK website. If you use the request catalogue link, you will have access to our new industrial and entertainment catalogues as well as the new winch models in a specialist catalogue for downloading.

An extensive range of pulleys and general rigging accessories are also available to complement the manual winches.

Remember: Safety Above All