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Cranes and hoists to save the day after warehouse fire

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

A reconstruction process at a busy warehouse that was severely damaged by a fire has started with a selection of Verlinde Eurobloc electric wire rope hoists and Eurochain power travel electric chain hoists that have been installed in conjunction with a series of Pelloby cranes.  

The site in Fareham which is owned by Kelvion, a leading manufacturer of heat transfer products such as plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned-tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers, and refrigeration heat exchangers, became engulfed in a huge blaze overnight during March 2014.

As a result, a fifth of the company´s facility was rendered completely unusable. However, the factory is now up and running again thanks to large-scale rebuilding work that has included the installation of several Verlinde hoists mounted to single girder travelling cranes designed, produced and supplied by UK manufacturer, Pelloby.

In total, five overhead cranes were supplied, all spanning the factory width of 12,543mm. The three highest load capacity cranes all feature Verlinde electric wire rope hoists. Two Eurobloc VT3 models offering 10 tonne safe working load, 320mm wide flange settings and 6m lift height were joined by six Eurobloc VT2 low headroom models with 5 tonne safe working load, 320mm wide flange settings and 9m lift height.

The two lighter duty Pelloby cranes feature two Verlinde Eurochain VR12 power travel electric chain hoists with 1 tonne safe working load, 5.5m lift height and a trolley to suit a 356x171mmx67kg UB (Universal Beam). Also supplied for use on the lighter duty cranes were six Verlinde Eurochain VR5 power travel electric chain hoists with 500kg safe working load, 5.5m lift height and a trolley to suit a 305x165mmx46kg UB.

Verlinde Hoists Keep the Electricity Flowing

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

There are approximately 2250 hydroelectric installations of various sizes in Metropolitan France the power of which varies from 1000W to several hundred megawatts. EDF operates 436 of the stations – of the total installed capacity of 25.4gigawatts nationwide, EDF produces 20gigawatts

The River Maulde is a relatively small watercourse of 70 km long with its source in the commune of Gentioux-Pigerolles (Creuse department) and its mouth at Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat (Haut-Vienne department) where it flows into the River Vienne. EDF operates six dams on the river with a combined power output of 18megawatts. Located at Martinex, Fleix, Langleret, Villejoubert and Lartige, the six gravity dams, most of them Ambursen type dams, roughly 16m high, have buttresses spaced at intervals and are of identical design.

Each dam is made up of five sections (with the exception of Lartige) on four of which are mounted a bulb unit fitted with an asynchronous generator, while the fifth section is used when an emptying operation is necessary.

Each section equipped with a bulb unit is made up of a water intake tower, a penstock with a 90deg elbow and a butterfly type slide valve. Until now, the EDF maintenance and servicing teams used a 15t capacity hoist that they moved from one group to another and from dam to dam.

Faced with the challenge of heavy renovation works on each of the six dams’ sections, EDF put the job out to tender. José Lima co-manager of Meije, part of the Verlinde Europont network says, “The invitations for tenders put out by EDF, involved, on the one hand, the renovation of the existing monorail tracks and supports and, on the other hand, the supply of five identical and easily movable mobile monorail hoists. Our bid with Verlinde hoists won the contract because it precisely met the specification sheet conditions both in terms of price and of equipment quality.

“EDF decided to install a Verlinde Eurobloc VT standardised 2m/M5 hoist on each section of the dam being renovated, each with a lifting capacity of 15t and lifting height of 15m. This hoist enables operations on the heaviest parts of the bulb group located in the section at the base of the dam. The five sections equipped in this way enable simultaneous work on the five groups and keep production downtime to a minimum. After 12 to 16 months’ work, when renovation work is completed, the hoists can be easily dismounted using a screw plate system we have designed. They are then set up on the next dam.”

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Verlinde making tracks

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Verlinde hoists are playing a key role in the maintenance of train components in Spain.

Local manufacturer Grupo JPG is using a range of Verlinde hoists and components to equip the CISF (Centro Integral de Sistemas Ferroviarios), which is a new 20000sqm maintenance area for the company ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias).

ADIF is a Spanish state-owned company that works under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. It is charged with the management of most of Spain’s railway infrastructure, that is the track, signaling and stations.

Verlinde cranes will be used to lift the train power and motorization equipment at the facility, which features a testing ground and a garage for final checks and maintenance of trains and is linked to the Centre of Railway Technology of ADIF.

The Verlinde technology at the Malagabased CISF centre comprises eight overhead cranes equipped with Eurobloc VT wire hoists as well as four under running single girders, two top running single girders, and two top running double girders

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Hoist UK to host masterclass for Verlinde

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

A masterclass for a whole new range of hoist equipment designed specifically for the industrial market in the UK will be delivered on July 9, by global lifting equipment specialists Verlinde France. The training session is being hosted by approved Verlinde distributors, Hoist UK in the Wirral. The event is set to be attended by Verlinde distribution partners throughout the country, including Devon’s Alpha Lifting Services Ltd, and Pelloby Ltd. Hoist UK is based in the Wirral and its central location in the North West of England makes it the perfect choice for a training venue that could be easily accessed by Verlinde’s UK distributor base.

All UK distributors report strong demand for flexible hoist solutions, which has led Verlinde to introduce this latest hoist with a specification tailored to the most popular requests from the UK market. These include ergonomic design, coupled with enhanced features and options demanded by industry. The need to comply with the latest health and safety regulations, plus the latest EU industry standards and directives means this new hoist product is set to be a must. Places at the training event will be limited, so with the event scheduled for early July, booking is advised.

The HUK Team

Commenting on the forthcoming training session, business development manager for Verlinde Simon Rothechild said: “Demand for hoist products in the UK is growing, which made the decision to develop a new hoist for industry in the UK a simple one. This training session will act as a sneak peak for our distributors to get a first look at this new equipment, while allowing us to demonstrate its features. We are really grateful to Hoist UK for hosting the event and we look forward to welcoming everyone along on 9 July.”

Hoist UK is a company founded by ex-TOMCAT General Manager Tony Dickson, and ex-TOMCAT Technical Manager Paul Jordan. Tony and Paul have in excess of thirty years’ experience in the design and installation of specialist lifting equipment for the entertainment and industrial sectors and as one of the first UK suppliers of Verlinde hoists like Stagemaker, Hoist UK is a UK distributor with a real interest when a new hoist is launched on the market.

“We are delighted to be hosting this training event, which is one of the first of its kind for a product expressly designed to cater for industrial applications,” said Hoist UK director Paul Jordan. “The market for industrial hoists in the UK is particularly demanding, so we are really proud to be hosting this event and looking forward to seeing what the worlds most in demand manufacturer has come up with.”

“In some ways the market for industrial hoists is performing much better than the market for heavy lifting equipment,” added Simon. “This new hoist is ergonomically designed and has been developed to meet the needs of industry; we anticipate keen interest from industrial, marine and petrochemical markets among others. At Verlinde we are fortunate in having exceptional distributors and we welcome the expertise of companies like Alpha Lifting Services Ltd, Pelloby Ltd and Hoist UK and this training session will provide all those who attend with the information they need to put this new hoist through its paces.”

Renowned as France’s leading builder and exporter of hoists and lifting equipment, Verlinde has a growing number of distributors across the UK and worldwide ready to talk to you about your requirements. For your nearest distributor or for any further information, e-mail or visit

Verlinde hoists to open the way for ships

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Four 15t Verlinde Eurobloc VT electric hoists are to be used to construct a ‘lifting bridge’ that will link the cities of Tigre and Vila La Ñata in Argentina.

The bridge will be lifted and lowered to allow ships to pass through it, up to 20 times a day.

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VERLINDE hoists chosen to handle the hydraulic system of the Eiffel Tower elevators

Friday, June 12th, 2009

SETE, the company licensed to operate the Eiffel Tower, has entrusted the firm Baudin Châteauneuf with the replacement of the hydraulic systems, press cylinders and accumulator cylinders of the west elevator of the Eiffel Tower. VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT 12.5-ton capacity hoists are used to remove the existing machinery and replace it with new equipment.

VERLINDE hoists chosen to handle the hydraulic system of the Eiffel Tower elevators.The press cylinders and accumulator cylinders of the Eiffel Tower elevators have actually been in service for one hundred years, and this is the first time they will be changed. They are to be replaced with systems that are technically as similar as possible to the original equipment, as the Tower’s creator, Gustave Eiffel had wished.

Baudin Châteauneuf has installed a 17-meter gantry which enters the Tower by a “window” through the metal framework. Radio-controlled VERLINDE hoists will handle the hydraulic systems, which are 16 meters long and weigh around 20 metric tons.

“We work regularly with VERLINDE. Their product range fits our every need, from smallest to largest systems. They are a key player in the field of lifting equipment, and have been in the business virtually as long as we have”, says Mr Morelle, Technical Project Manager at Baudin Châteauneuf.

Eventually, both of the Eiffel Tower’s hydraulic elevators will be renovated in this way.

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Verlinde hoists to move Eiffel Tower’s hydraulics

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Baudin Chateauneuf will replace hydraulic systems, press cylinders and accumulator cylinders in the Eiffel Tower’s west elevator, after being awarded a contract by SETE.

Verlinde Eurobloc VT 12.5-ton capacity hoists will remove the existing machinery and replace it with new equipment.

The press cylinders and accumulator cylinders of the Eiffel Tower’s elevators have been in service for one-hundred years, and this is the first time they will be changed.

They are to be replaced with systems that are technically as similar as possible to the original equipment.

Baudin Chateauneuf has installed a 17-metre gantry that enters the tower by a window through the metal framework.

Radio-controlled Verlinde hoists will handle the hydraulic systems, which are 16-metres long and weigh around 20 metric tons.

Eventually, both of the Eiffel Tower’s hydraulic elevators will be renovated in this way.

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