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A Day in the Life of….Tony Dickson

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

We would like you to get to know our team here at Hoist UK…We will be running a series of

‘A Day in the Life of…’

through our news page & social media accounts. First up is one of our directors, Tony Dickson.

Position at HUK?

Proprietor / Director – well you might think that’s a bit pretentious so let’s break it down; I’m the guy that has to pay the bills, puts food on the table of lot’s of families, the guy that worries about health and safety and staff welfare and the one that gets chased by the tax man, HSE and staff if I don’t do these jobs, the ideas man, the accountant, FLT driver, electrician, salesman, packer, labourer, cleaner, manager, counsellor, therapist & mentor.

How long in this role?

Well in November this year the company will be 10 years old, I have been here from the start along with my fellow director Paul Jordan, from when we used to share a shoebox of an office with rented laptops through to todays 10,000 sq ft workshop, offices and staff, and I probably will be here long into the future long after a sane man would have retired because this is my passion.

How did you first hear about Hoist UK?

Well, as I have said I started the company with Paul Jordan, it didn’t exist until our previous employment was sold out from under us and it didn’t have a name at that point, to be honest the hardest part about setting up the company was not the step into the unknown or risking everything it was actually naming the company, we went through hundreds of ideas and turned them down either because after thinking about it we didn’t like them or because we did like them but when we checked at Companies House the names were taken or the web domains were taken etc. I remember sitting with Paul exasperated staring around the room trying to think of something and spotting The Hoist magazine on the desk then saying to Paul “we need something simple that says what we do just like that Hoist magazine over there” – BOOM, Hoist UK Ltd was named and formed there and then.


What does a typical day at Hoist UK look like to you?

Well, you have seen the job title above ….. Hoist UK are more of a projects company rather than a stockist or distributor and we get involved with all sorts of projects across many industries; each day there is a different or several different challenges, we may be asked for anything from a performer flying track, a factory crane, something within a clean room or explosion proof facility or just something that has never been done before like an oscillating lift for aerospace or a missile guidance test winch. There really is no day that I can say is typical because of the varied projects we get involved in, so throughout the day I will be dipping in and out of the various projects we have on the go, checking on sales, purchases and invoicing, lending a hand where necessary in design and in the workshop, yes I suppose that does actually describe a typical day – That’s why I love this job!

What has been your favourite project / What is your favourite part of the job?

Wow, when do I get an easy question? There have been so many exciting and new projects …. I think for me I am still more excited over the entertainment side of the business and love working on this type of project, so either Kingdom of Dreams project in India or the City of Dreams project in Macau are my most memorable, don’t get me wrong I still love all the other jobs especially those that no one else either can do or wants to do, these are usually the ones where you have to think about what is needed, solve a problem and meet budget and deadline, that is the best part or parts of my job, I hope you can see why.

What is your favourite book?

Here is another difficult question, the simplest answer is the one I’m reading now! I love crime and thriller fiction, authors like James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, Lee Child & Jeff Lindsay, so if you catch me reading I will be reading either an Alex Cross, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher or Dexter type of book.

What Is your favourite film?

Here we go again, there are so many great films out there and I am getting on a bit so there are at least five decades of films to choose from maybe more if you look at the older films that were on TV when I was a kid like “The Vikings” with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis which was released the year I was born way back in 1958 that I watched on tv as a kid, then there are the re makes of the films that were out in those five decades …… they are all special for different reasons and evoke such fantastic memories. Hard Days Night for example by the Beatles in black and white 1964, probably the first time I remember going to the cinema, I was taken to see it by my older sister, the Beatles were in the height of their fame, Beatlemania was worldwide, in those days the films used to run continuously with just a five minute break in between to rewind the reel, and you could go into the cinema part way through the film, wait and see the beginning if you missed it. This film we watched over and over until we were thrown out to let other people in, that was the whole audience not just me and my sister.

Going the “pictures” with various girlfriends to watch films like Saturday Night Fever or Grease or going with your mates to watch Predator or Alien, taking my kids to watch Labyrinth or Gremlins, taking grandkids to watch Finding Nemo or Frozen, all great memories. But I am a bit of a Trekkie and have been since I was a kid so one of my favourites is the latest rendition of Star Trek series of films with Chris Pine as Captain James T Kirk, so I will be going to see “Star Trek Beyond” when it comes out later this year and of course due to my interest in Robert Ludlum books I guess my all time favourite would have to be The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, the new Bourne film is out in July so that’s a must!

What was the first single you bought?

Well, I was the youngest in the house and had an older brother and sister all who were working and really into music so I didn’t have to buy many “records” during my formative years and was brought up with all the great legends of that era like Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Joe Cocker, Gerry and the Pacemakers (Maybe Gerry shouldn’t be in with the legends but ….. Ferry across the Mersey & You’ll never Walk Alone – Obviously!!) etc but when they left home and I had to buy my own records so I guess the first one I actually bought myself was “Long Haired Lover from Liverpool” by little Jimmy Osmond …. NO ONLY KIDDING it was “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones, I was about 13 then, it was on vinyl, played at 45 rpm and cost about 50p or a whole weeks pocket money!.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, as you can guess running a company doesn’t give you much spare time, so I like to travel (well take holidays) when I can, get addicted to Netflix box sets, read books and go to the cinema, that’s when I am not socialising with the family who are a great and full part of my life.

Finally, if you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want?

  1. A five star all-inclusive hotel with an infinity pool
  2. Really good internet connection
  3. My wife


A Lifting Partnership

Monday, December 14th, 2015

“After ten years of steady growth and expansion, the new premises will enable both companies to move forward with their growth plans. The new headquarters, comprising offices, specialised workshop areas and warehousing facilities, are situated on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate in Moreton, a location chosen for its accessibility to the M53 and UK motorway network. The expansion also reflects both Hoist UK and Truss UK’s continued success over the past twelve months, a year which has seen developments in staffing numbers, product range and a number of new contracts being obtained in both the UK and overseas.

In broad terms, the companies’ output is split 50/50 between the entertainment industry and industrial sectors – and the engineering expertise and heritage of this part of the UK clear to see. You can add to the fact that Hoist UK is a leading distributor of the Verlinde industrial and entertainment lifting equipment range, together with utilising its in-house skills by offering complete design, manufacture and installation services for lifting equipment requirements, and senior personnel from France were present at the opening day event.”


Paul Jordan and Tony Dickson with Jean-Paul Gatel (centre) and Cyrille Pressac (right) of Verlinde.

“Sister company, Truss UK perfectly compliments the services provided by Hoist UK through its engineering expertise of design, CAD services, structural analysis, quality manufacturing and fabrication in profile steel, stainless steel and aluminium.”

Read the full article here

Hoist UK expands Into New Production Headquarters

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Lifting equipment specialists, Hoist UK and its sister company, Truss UK, have relocated to larger premises, a significant expansion and one which will enable both companies to move forward with their growth plans.

The new headquarters, comprising offices, specialised workshop areas and warehousing facilities, are situated on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate in Moreton, a location chosen for its accessibility to the M53 and UK motorway network.

The expansion reflects both Hoist UK and Truss UK’s continued success and subsequent growth over the past twelve months, a year which has seen developments in staffing numbers, product range and a number of new contracts being obtained both in the UK and overseas.

Hoist UK is a leading distributor of the Verlinde industrial and entertainment lifting equipment range, together with utilising its in-house skills by offering complete design, manufacture and installation services for lifting equipment requirements.


Sister company, Truss UK, perfectly compliments the services provided by Hoist UK, through its engineering expertise of design, CAD services, structural analysis, quality manufacturing and fabrication in profile steel, stainless steel and aluminium products.

Tony Dickson, Director at Hoist UK & Truss UK, is delighted at the expansion, he said, “We have grown as business over the last nine years by keeping to a robust and achievable business plan. The new premises are ideal for our growing sales, design and administration teams, with meeting rooms for training or client project meetings and will provide more space for production and manufacturing. We have expanded our hoist preparation and testing area as well as increasing our warehousing facility, so we are all set for the further growth planned over the next five years”.

Fellow Director Paul Jordan added, “We are confident that both Hoist UK and Truss UK, and more importantly, our customers, will benefit greatly from our new base and increased engineering capability.”


 Wirral Chamber of Commerce CEO, Paula Basnett congratulated Hoist UK and Truss UK on their expansion, she said, “It is always rewarding when I see a Wirral Chamber of Commerce member being successful but also a Wirral based business moving forward, particularly those which are providing key manufacturing skills and products to a global marketplace. I am delighted that both Hoist UK and Truss UK are demonstrating this and I wish them both even greater success over the coming years in their new business home.”

The facility was officially opened by The Mayor of Wirral, Les Rowlands on Friday 6th November together with the Hoist UK / Truss UK team.

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK Moves to New 10,000 Sq Ft Unit

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Lifting equipment specialists Hoist UK & Sister Company Truss UK have recently moved to bigger premises, significantly increasing the size of their previous facilities. The new offices, workshop and warehouse are still based on the Wirral peninsula and are ideally located in the heart of the UK motorway network.

The move reflects the growth and success of both companies over the last year which has seen an expansion in the company, the product range and business generally which meant that they outgrew their previous site. The new workspace boasts a 10,000 sq ft building, along with extensive yard space.

HOIST UK is a UK distributor for the complete range of Verlinde industrial and entertainment lifting equipment, as well as offering complete design, manufacture and installation services for all your lifting equipment needs.

TRUSS UK perfectly compliment the range of Hoist UK equipment with their own in house design, CAD & Manufacturing facilities, they can offer the full package: Design, structural analysis, quality manufacturing & fabrication. We are able to fabricate and profile steel, stainless steel & Aluminium products

Tony Dickson Director of Hoist UK & Truss UK Comments “Our new Moreton facility consists of ample office space for an ever growing sales / admin team, substantial customer meeting areas, plus extensive warehousing with a lifting equipment testing bay, that should support the company’s ambitious plans for at least the next 5 years”. The facility will be officially opened by The Mayor of Wirral, Les Rowlands on Friday 6th November together with the Hoist UK / Truss UK team.

From the 3rd August 2015, the new contact details will be:

Hoist UK Ltd / Truss UK Ltd

21 Tarran Way North,



CH46 4UA

 Tel:         +44 (0) 151 334 7682

Fax:        +44 (0) 151 334 9373

Their e-mail and website remains unchanged as:



Remember: Safety Above All

Truss UK acquire AJB Precision Fabrication

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Truss UK Ltd, sister company to Hoist UK Ltd are pleased to announce that effective from 1st October 2014 they have acquired 100% shareholding of AJB Precision Fabrications Ltd.  From this date the combined companies will conduct business together under the name Truss UK Ltd, with their main office located at 2 Wrynose Road, Old Hall Estate, Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside, CH62 3QD.

“This is a merger of two innovative and professional companies which have a history of successfully working together over the last six years” says Truss UK Director Paul Jordan “Both companies have a very high standard of products and services with very similar work ethic and philosophy for doing business, with a track record for providing excellent products and customer service” he adds.

TUK Logo

Fellow Director Tony Dickson comments “This union reflects both companies commitment towards sustainable growth creating a world class innovative aluminium fabrication and trussing company based here in the UK. With this combination we have created a company that will provide great opportunities for our employees and deliver superior experience and greater value for our clients”.

Truss UK are a supplier and manufacturer of aluminium trussing products and bespoke aluminium fabrication in the UK. They offer high quality products that are designed and manufactured in Great Britain, their goal is to be more efficient and to continue delivering innovative, high-quality products and services to their clients here in the UK and abroad.

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Quality At Every Stage

Hoist UK Welcomes Geoff Cromwell

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Lifting equipment specialists Hoist UK are continuing with their structured growth, this time expanding the engineering and installation side of the business,  Geoff Cromwell joins them as their new Lifting Equipment Engineer. Geoff brings with him over 40 years of experience within the lifting equipment industry, having being previously employed with Aabacas Cranes, Fellow Stringer, Pfaff Silberblau / PCM and most recently with LTM.

“Feeling part of a team is sometimes daunting when you start with a new company” says Hoist UK director Paul Jordan, “but Geoff has worked with some of the team before, he was at Aabacas with Wayne Ridgeley for six years and worked alongside Tony Dickson for ten years at Pfaff and PCM and I have known him for several years myself, he has already fitted in and is a valued member of the Hoist UK team” he adds.

Geoff will be heading the engineering team, responsible for the general day to day running of the workshop, as well as on site installations & LOLER inspections. Tony Dickson Comments ‘I Have known Geoff for over 15 years and it is great to be working with him again, Geoff’s experience and work ethic are admirable, we are lucky to have him on board and he adds depth to our already formidable team.”

Image 1 - Geoff Cromwell

Geoff Cromwell comments “I am excited to start a new challenge with Hoist UK and look forward to working with Tony and Wayne again. It’s good to be getting involved with all aspects of the lifting game and being involved with projects right from start to finish. Some of the projects I have seen already are innovative and cover the full range of industries; it’s just a great place to work and great people to work with”.

Louise Dickson, General Manager of Hoist UK adds: “Geoff’s previous experience and qualifications, including his four LEEA qualifications, are a great asset to Hoist UK and further the companies and my own personalcommitment towards training our staff to the highest possible level, which results in our offering customers an unrivalled service; we pride ourselves on supplying and installing technically correct and safe products.”

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK Welcome New Business Development Engineer

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Hoist UK are delighted to announce the employment of Mark Revans as their new Business Development Engineer. “Mark has a lifetime of experience in the lifting trade beginning his career straight from school on a full apprenticeship with Merseyside Lifting Gear Services where he trained as a chain smith / fabricator, which is quite impressive in itself now a days” says Hoist UK Director Tony Dickson “he has spent all his working life in the lifting equipment industry, with both hands on and managerial experience he is well known and respected in our industry” Dickson adds.

Fellow Director, Paul Jordan comments: “Marks knowledge of the industry is vast, having worked for industry leaders such as The Rossendale Group, Chester Chain and Cosalt & Survitec, we feel he will be a key asset for the continued growth of our company. It has been difficult to find a Business Development Engineer with a suitable background and knowledge of the Industry, Mark has a proven track record in the industry and we’re pleased he has joined our team.”

Image 1 - Mark Revans

Mark Revans comments: “I’m delighted to join Hoist UK, they have built a strong reputation in the world of lifting, not only for their standard products, but also for the bespoke & specialised projects that they are involved with, and I look forward to continuing to build on their already impressive client base.”

Tony Dickson adds: “Since we started trading in 2006 we have seen considerable growth in the business, we feel Mark’s skills and experience added our already impressive team will see the company developing further.”

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK Appoint General Manager

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Hoist UK are proud to announce that Louise Dickson has been appointed General Manager of the company.

Hoist UK director, Paul Jordan comments: “Louise has been with the company for over 6 years now; we recognised her potential almost immediately and we have guided her progress through the company letting her gain a thorough knowledge of the company through various roles leading up to this present position”

“Louise’s ability to not only head the sales team, but also her leadership skills, industry and product knowledge make her the perfect candidate to take on the role as General Manager for Hoist UK” adds Paul Jordan.

Image 1 - Louise Dickson

Louise Dickson comments: “I am excited to take on this new role as General Manager; I feel I have now gained the necessary skills and have great mentors in Paul and Tony. I have been with Hoist UK for almost as long as it has been trading, I have seen the company develop greatly since I started, and I look forward to growing it further in the future”.

“Louise takes everything we throw at her in her stride; since starting she has worked in all departments and shown an aptitude for all of them. As well as covering all of the office disciplines Louise has worked in the workshop, is a dab hand at packing, she is our stand by FLT driver and is the driving force in having all our staff completing the full spectrum of LEEA qualifications. She really does lead by example” adds Hoist UK director Tony Dickson.

Hoist UK are a supplier and manufacturer of lifting & rigging equipment in the UK. They pride themselves on the supply and installation of technically correct products, and work within a number of specialist industries from ISO rated Clean rooms & ATEX Cranes to performer flying equipment.

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK Offer FREE Stagemaker Motor School

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

To coincide with the release of the Stagemaker SR Electric Chain Hoist from Verlinde; Hoist UK are offering FREE motor school’s to all UK based customers.

The course is fully authorised and approved by Verlinde SAS and will take place over one full day at Hoist UK’s premises on the Wirral. The course will be presented by Tony Dickson, who is a Director of Hoist UK and in his past presented over 90% of the UK motor schools for Tomcat UK and PCM.

TD Training

The course will give the delegate a basic understanding of the hoist mechanics and electrics as well as demonstrating how to operate the unit safely. There will also be a ‘practical session’ where you will get a real “hands on” experience with the Stagemaker SR, participate in fault finding tasks and receive guidance on how to identify spare parts.

“We feel that our clients deserve to be given the time to thoroughly understand our products and services” says Tony Dickson, Director of Hoist UK Ltd. “With the launch of a new hoist, the course will allow them to get a working knowledge the product, and build confidence when they are specifying, or buying” he adds.

Fellow Director Paul Jordan says “We are very excited about the launch of the Stagemaker SR, and feel that by offering this free course that it will not only demonstrate how easy this hoist is to use, but how quick and efficient the maintenance really is”.

“After several years of successful collaboration with Hoist UK, and the excellent reputation and technical background of Tony Dickson in entertainment sector, it was an obvious decision for Verlinde to choose Hoist UK to develop and deliver the training in the UK” says Verlinde Marketing Manager Jean-Yves Beaussart. “The STAGEMAKER SR lends itself well for use in all types of venues (for inverted or upright configuration) and offers the highest levels of manufacture and safety” he adds.

The high reliability of the STAGEMAKER hoist is unquestionably proven by the tens of thousands of models already in use around the world, the STAGEMAKER SR model is innovative in its simple design and approach to easy maintenance.

“It is the only model on the market that is equipped as standard with a double lifting brake, custom CHAINFlux® chain guide, patented Perfect Push® load wheel, retractable handgrips and rubber bumpers, but you will learn more about that in the course” says Dickson.

All motor school bookings will be scheduled through Louise Dickson at their offices, but Hoist UK are offering a virtually open invitation to all their industry colleagues and the course is suitable for all; hardened industry professionals, people new to the industry and students alike.

For more information on training courses and dates or to arrange a visit please contact our training team on: or +44 (0)151 334 7682.

For further information visit: or contact: Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK to host masterclass for Verlinde

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

A masterclass for a whole new range of hoist equipment designed specifically for the industrial market in the UK will be delivered on July 9, by global lifting equipment specialists Verlinde France. The training session is being hosted by approved Verlinde distributors, Hoist UK in the Wirral. The event is set to be attended by Verlinde distribution partners throughout the country, including Devon’s Alpha Lifting Services Ltd, and Pelloby Ltd. Hoist UK is based in the Wirral and its central location in the North West of England makes it the perfect choice for a training venue that could be easily accessed by Verlinde’s UK distributor base.

All UK distributors report strong demand for flexible hoist solutions, which has led Verlinde to introduce this latest hoist with a specification tailored to the most popular requests from the UK market. These include ergonomic design, coupled with enhanced features and options demanded by industry. The need to comply with the latest health and safety regulations, plus the latest EU industry standards and directives means this new hoist product is set to be a must. Places at the training event will be limited, so with the event scheduled for early July, booking is advised.

The HUK Team

Commenting on the forthcoming training session, business development manager for Verlinde Simon Rothechild said: “Demand for hoist products in the UK is growing, which made the decision to develop a new hoist for industry in the UK a simple one. This training session will act as a sneak peak for our distributors to get a first look at this new equipment, while allowing us to demonstrate its features. We are really grateful to Hoist UK for hosting the event and we look forward to welcoming everyone along on 9 July.”

Hoist UK is a company founded by ex-TOMCAT General Manager Tony Dickson, and ex-TOMCAT Technical Manager Paul Jordan. Tony and Paul have in excess of thirty years’ experience in the design and installation of specialist lifting equipment for the entertainment and industrial sectors and as one of the first UK suppliers of Verlinde hoists like Stagemaker, Hoist UK is a UK distributor with a real interest when a new hoist is launched on the market.

“We are delighted to be hosting this training event, which is one of the first of its kind for a product expressly designed to cater for industrial applications,” said Hoist UK director Paul Jordan. “The market for industrial hoists in the UK is particularly demanding, so we are really proud to be hosting this event and looking forward to seeing what the worlds most in demand manufacturer has come up with.”

“In some ways the market for industrial hoists is performing much better than the market for heavy lifting equipment,” added Simon. “This new hoist is ergonomically designed and has been developed to meet the needs of industry; we anticipate keen interest from industrial, marine and petrochemical markets among others. At Verlinde we are fortunate in having exceptional distributors and we welcome the expertise of companies like Alpha Lifting Services Ltd, Pelloby Ltd and Hoist UK and this training session will provide all those who attend with the information they need to put this new hoist through its paces.”

Renowned as France’s leading builder and exporter of hoists and lifting equipment, Verlinde has a growing number of distributors across the UK and worldwide ready to talk to you about your requirements. For your nearest distributor or for any further information, e-mail or visit