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A Day In The Life of…..Louise Dickson

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

We would like you to get to know our team here at Hoist UK…We will be running a series of

‘A Day in the Life of…’

through our news page & social media accounts. Next under the spotlight is our General Manager, Louise Dickson

Position at HUK?

General Manager – I unintentionally followed in my fathers footsteps. I was 18 and didn’t take to the university lifestyle, I’d never thought about a career in the lifting industry (My DADS industry…!) I guess I saw it as a male-oriented profession.”  I was at a point where the job I was doing was boring and mundane, and having known of past projects that my dad had been involved in, I thought lets give this a go. At first, it was tough, I never expected to still be here 8 years later but here I am —and I’ve not looked back.

How long in this role?

Well I have been working for the company for 8 years, starting off by just answering the phone and taking the simple enquiries, (oh and making cups of tea for my dad & Paul) My dad had me trained well…I’ve been making his tea since I could boil the kettle 🙂

Having taken a keen interest into the business, over the years I’ve learned a great deal about the industries that we work in, and I have in the last two years passed five on my LEEA examinations.

My official title is now General Manager, but we all do whatever it takes here to get the job done, from quoting projects, doing site visits, driving the fork lift truck, and packing boxes.


How did you first hear about Hoist UK?

As discussed above, it’s my dads business with his partner Paul. I was aware of what he did, and as a 16 year old teenie bopper, I had a keen interest in some of the projects he worked on. He would come home and tell us about the equipment Tomcat had supplied for all the major tours and big artists at the time. We would watch TV and I would point out all the clever stuff my dad had been involved in making to all my friends.
I can remember him pointing proudly at the TV when the BRITs were televised in 2002, telling us all about the lifting and rigging equipment. For the record, it was the year Shaggy took home the International Male Solo Artist award, and ‘performed’ Me Julie on a flying gold bed 🙂

What does a typical day at Hoist UK look like to you?

My day is different every day here at Hoist UK. I can spend days at a time working on big tender projects, or a few minutes working on a spare parts quote. Other days I will travel around the country visiting clients, or attending site visits and measuring up for jobs. There really isn’t a day that is ever the same. Some days I have my accounts hat on, other days I have my sales hat on. But it keeps the job interesting having such a varied workload.

What has been your favourite project / What is your favourite part of the job?

I don’t actually remember specific details of a project, but I do find the entertainment industry more interesting, and I love hearing about the venues that our equipment is being installed in. From a small lighting bar in a school, to a full performer flying system for the likes of Boyzone or other top celebrities. The industrial side of the business is also very interesting, visiting big food processing plants, and factories seeing how things are manufactured etc. It’s certainly an interest I never thought I would have back when I was in school.

What is your favourite book?

This is a difficult question, as I don’t read as much as an adult as I did as a child. But I’d say, going back to my childhood the BFG was one of my favourites, and I’m excited about the new film that is due out at the end of this month. Although they never do capture everything your imagination has to offer from reading a book.

What Is your favourite film?

OK, so this is a bit stereotypical and cringe worthy, but it has to be Dirty Dancing. I remember having the VHS as a child, my dad had recorded it off the telly, and it had the adverts running between various parts of the film. Even when I watch it now, I remember the parts of the film when the adverts would start…and I know pretty much all the words…not so much all the moves with my two left feet 🙂

What was the first single you bought?

Hmmm…the first single I remember knowing all the words to was by Donnie and Marie Osmond, the morning side of the mountain. My mum had it on one of them small records, before tapes & CD’s, we used to sing into our hairbrushes, and put the handle back on the start of the record over and over again. But the first single I actually remember buying, must have been a Take That album. Quite possibly still a guilty pleasure of mine!!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I love to keep fit. Running and Yoga are my favourite things to do after work to unwind from the busy days. I recently completed a half marathon for charity and raised over £1500.00 for a hospice that is close to my heart. But spending time with my family & friends is what I enjoy most.

Finally, if you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want?

Does a lifetime supply of fine red wine count as one? If so, I’ll take the wine supply, along with a cheese and biscuits supply, and my boyfriend <3

Hoist UK Appoint General Manager

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Hoist UK are proud to announce that Louise Dickson has been appointed General Manager of the company.

Hoist UK director, Paul Jordan comments: “Louise has been with the company for over 6 years now; we recognised her potential almost immediately and we have guided her progress through the company letting her gain a thorough knowledge of the company through various roles leading up to this present position”

“Louise’s ability to not only head the sales team, but also her leadership skills, industry and product knowledge make her the perfect candidate to take on the role as General Manager for Hoist UK” adds Paul Jordan.

Image 1 - Louise Dickson

Louise Dickson comments: “I am excited to take on this new role as General Manager; I feel I have now gained the necessary skills and have great mentors in Paul and Tony. I have been with Hoist UK for almost as long as it has been trading, I have seen the company develop greatly since I started, and I look forward to growing it further in the future”.

“Louise takes everything we throw at her in her stride; since starting she has worked in all departments and shown an aptitude for all of them. As well as covering all of the office disciplines Louise has worked in the workshop, is a dab hand at packing, she is our stand by FLT driver and is the driving force in having all our staff completing the full spectrum of LEEA qualifications. She really does lead by example” adds Hoist UK director Tony Dickson.

Hoist UK are a supplier and manufacturer of lifting & rigging equipment in the UK. They pride themselves on the supply and installation of technically correct products, and work within a number of specialist industries from ISO rated Clean rooms & ATEX Cranes to performer flying equipment.

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK Welcome New Starter to Their Technical Team

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Hoist UK are proud to announce and welcome Wayne Ridgeley to their technical team as Design / Project Engineer. Wayne has been in the lifting industry all of his working life, having been previously employed by Aabacus Cranes, The Rossendale Group, Camlok and more recently with Stahl Cranes working predominantly within the explosion proof (ATEX) equipment sector of the industry. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of standard & specialised lifting equipment, which Hoist UK feel will be a major asset to the company’s growth and development.

Hoist UK director, Paul Jordan comments: “Having Wayne join our team is a major asset for the company, as it is always difficult to employ a high quality design engineer with a proven track record in the industry”. Paul Jordan adds: “Wayne has a vast knowledge of standard lifting equipment, but his knowledge within the specialised cranes and lifting equipment sector will be a real advantage to us as the company grows, and especially assisting with specialist projects that we are working on”.

Wayne Ridgeley comments: “The chance to work with Paul again is great, and Hoist UK is certainly a company whose technical expertise and approach to project based work interests me. They are working with a range of crane and hoist systems within various industries, ranging from ISO rated clean room systems to performer flying systems in the entertainment industry”. Wayne Ridgeley adds: “I am keen to be part of this exciting company’s growth and feel that my experience with the explosion proof sector and general industry will be a real advantage to Hoist UK”.


Image 1 - Wayne Ridgeley

For further information visit: or contact:

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Flying High with Hoist UK at PLASA 2010

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Hoist UK have been flying high this year at PLASA 2010 demonstrating their capabilities in the production services sector of the entertainment industry. 

One area of their production services capabilities is in the performer flying sector and this was showcased at Hoist UK‘s own PLASA 2010 stand at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London.  At hourly intervals throughout the day exhibitors, visitors and industry professional’s packed the aisles around the “HUK” stand to watch aerial artiste Isabel Woywode perform a stunning, graceful and heart racing silks performance to various pieces of music, her polished act complimented and showcased the products available from Hoist UK and the services currently available on hire from their production services division.  


Hoist UK are looking to work on future projects with the vast production experience on offer from their production services division to compliment the design and manufacturing capabilities of Hoist UK, which will prove to be a formidable force within the entertainment industry.  

Although based in the UK, the HUK production team have worldwide experience in solutions ranging from engineering design, technical hardware and crew to custom circus products, artistes and event coordination.  

For further details on the Production Services, please contact:  


Click on the following link: 






Remember: Safety Above All