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Hoist UK Design, Manufacture & Install Bespoke Crane System

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Hoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors and have recently designed, supplied, installed & commissioned a bespoke overhead crane system at a large manufacturing plant in the North West.

A simple task one would have thought for one of the country’s leading suppliers and installers of industrial lifting equipment until the client explains that the facility is already finished, jam packed with machinery, ducting and conveyor equipment and in full production. The area is also in a highly sensitive / secretive production facility that also requires a heightened state of cleanliness throughout installation and during use. Oh, and finally the installation has to be completed within a very tight schedule so as not to disrupt production, then the simple just became a little more difficult.


No stranger to the extraordinary (one look at their website will confirm this), the Hoist UK team set about a design that would weave its way through a maze of duct and pipework and was both simple & practical to install and above all met the timescale and specification from the client.

Hoist UK Technical Sales Engineer, Colin Jones says: “The crane system has a safe working load of 500kg, runway length of 19.5m, and 3.5m span supported by four separate goal post structures, which were mounted avoiding all the site obstructions and pipework, which could not be moved. The system was installed for maintenance of machines which are running 24/7 and the system was successfully installed during in a tight shutdown and maintenance schedule on site.

“Whilst we are unable to divulge who the customer was, they were very happy with the crane system which was installed and commissioned over a three day installation period on their site” comments Hoist UK Technical Director Paul Jordan. “The crane system is a variable speed powered bridge crane fitted with a Verlinde VR electric chain hoist with radio control function” he adds.

“Hoist UK are not only able to provide standard equipment to suit our customer’s needs, but we are also able to supply specialist and bespoke products manufactured here in the United Kingdom using our own in house design and manufacturing facilities. We are UKAS accredited to ISO9001, ISO18001 & ISO14001, and to give the customers additional peace of mind we are also Achilles registered and are SMAS approved installers, our company motto Safety Above All says it all” added General Manager Louise Dickson

Hoist UK is a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association).

LEEA is established across the globe as the respected and authoritative representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.

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VERLINDE hoist used for PELLOBY inverted travelling jib crane

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

PELLOBY recently installed a unique inverted travelling jib crane featuring a VERLINDE VT2 EUROBLOC wire rope hoist at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) ISIS complex at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford. ISIS is a world-leading materials research centre which produces beams of neutrons and muons that can delve into the complexity of matter using a suite of beamline instruments, which gives unique insights into the properties of materials on the atomic scale.

A series of three adjacent overhead cranes span the width of one of the two large ISIS experimental halls onsite that allow access to the various beam defining equipment areas. However as the building´s capabilities were expanded to accommodate additional instruments, some of the new beam defining equipment areas were located in a ´cranage dead zone´ which the existing overhead cranes couldn´t reach.

Pelloby ( were asked to come up with a lifting solution to give ISIS and the various research teams at the complex, suitable craneage access to these dead zone areas – the aim being to lift beamline instrument components, shielding and other materials in and out of the restricted crane access areas.

Working closely with STFC engineers, our designers set to work and the result was an inverted travelling jib crane which can traverse the length of the building along a 53 metre gantry support rail system, while also providing continuous 360 degree access in a five metre radius thanks to a powered rotating jib arm. This innovative modified travelling jib crane can support loads of up to five tonnes thanks to a Verlinde VT2 Eurobloc hoist.

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Eurostyle Vatal And Eurostyle VFTAL: jib cranes with aluminium hollow profile arms

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Verlinde is now marketing two EUROSTYLE series jib cranes the booms of which are made of EUROSYSTEM ALU aluminium hollow sections. EUROSTYLE VATAL and EUROSTYLE VFTAL are designed for loads of from 63 to 2000 kg, and through radial distances of from 2 to 8 metres depending on the model.EUROSTYLE VATAL wall mounted jib crane

EUROSYSTEM ALU sets itself apart by the lightness of its aluminium hollow sections with a rolling coefficient enabling, in the first place, effortless travelling trolley positioning and secondly, easy handling of the unit. EUROSYSTEM ALU enables the weight of VATAL and VFTAL jib crane arms to be cut by 50% compared with conventional steel structures. The lightness of the rails provides easy, effortless manipulation by the operator even with heavy and unwieldy loads.

EUROSTYLE VATAL is a wall mounted jib crane able to work through 180°. It is the ideal solution for work stations located near walls and vertical structures. It is an indispensable backup for overhead cranes in any workshop. Workstations thus become more autonomous with consequent increased efficiency.

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Hoist UK helps out with particle acceleration experiments

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Hoist UK  have provided a series of lightweight 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg manual overhead cranes to a specialist company who manufactures shielded chambers for synchrotron’s, which are cyclic particle accelerators used for experimental purposes.

The systems provided by Hoist UK are housed within the Alba Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Barcelona, Spain and each of the chambers are lead lined and contain experimental apparatus which needs to be maintained on a regular basis and has components which require a safe method of lifting, so…. Read more

Remember: Safety Above All