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The Award winning ChainRunner is now available online

Friday, April 4th, 2008

HOIST UK are pleased to announce that the award winning ChainRunner product is now available to purchase online from their website.

They have recently added the ability to have your ChainRunners in any annodised colour and also personalised with your company logo.

The Award Winning ChainRunner has been designed to provide a safe, off the shelf solution to the cable management problems faced every day within the touring event industry.

The ChainRunner is used to manage power, control, audio and data cables associated with moving truss applications and thus  eliminating the necessity for very expensive spring driven cable reels and eradicating the home made gizmos that abound in the industry.

The ChainRunner range are available to fit the Verlinde, CM and Liftket chain hoists used in the entertainment industry.

The ChainRunner is simple to fix with no need to remove the chain or hook from the hoist and no additional tooling is required. Once fitted the ChainRunner cannot become disconnected from the chain whilst under load.

By placing an adequate number of ChainRunners on the chain any attached cables will neatly and safely loop in and out as the truss is moved.

Remember: Safety Above All