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Hoist UK Welcome New Starter to Their Sales Team

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Hoist UK are proud to announce and welcome Colin Jones to their sales team as Technical Sales Engineer. Colin has been in the lifting industry for almost 25 years, having been previously employed by Chester Chain Co. where he started off on a temporary contract as a lifting equipment engineer, working his way through the ranks in various roles including site supervisor, & works manager, until he became General Manager in 2013. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of standard & specialised lifting equipment, along with his formal LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) qualifications.


“Having Colin join our team is a major asset for the company, as it is always difficult to employ a technical engineer with a proven track record in the industry” commented Hoist UK Director Paul Jordan. “Colin has a vast knowledge of the lifting equipment sector, and he will be a real advantage to us as the company grows, especially assisting with specialist projects that we are working on” he adds.

Colin Jones comments “I have known Paul & the team for many years and I was happy to be given the opportunity to work for such a dynamic and growing company. Their technical approach to project based work and their depth of product knowledge that allows them to attract such high profile projects excites me. I am really looking forward to the fresh challenge, and particularly working on projects like ISO rated clean room systems, ATEX applications and to be working more within the entertainment industry”.

Louise Dickson, General Manager of Hoist UK adds “We are pleased to welcome Colin to the Hoist UK family; he has got a great personality and will be a real asset both on site advising clients and in the office mentoring some of our other staff that are new to the industry”.

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Is your lifting equipment safe to use?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

I am sure you will all know that if you own or operate lifting equipment in the UK you are required by law to ensure that you hold a current Report of Thorough Examination as set out in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Failure to hold a current report could invalidate your insurances or leave you open to prosecution.

So, is having a current LOLER Report of Thorough Examination sufficient to comply with all of your legal responsibilities as an employer or owner of the equipment? The simple answer is no.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 covers all work places and defines the obligations of all employers AND employees to ensure a safe working environment, with the employer obliged under their duty of care to asses risks and put into place policies and procedures to control said risks.

Further, under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), an employer must ensure all equipment is safely installed and safe to use and that regular inspections of the equipment is undertaken and documented by a competent person. The regular inspections may take the form of pre use check lists, interim inspections, preventative maintenance programmes etc all leading up to a LOLER examination.

A Report of Thorough Examination under LOLER can be likened to having your car undergo an annual MOT, at the time of the Thorough Examination or your cars MOT the examiner will look at all the safety related components but will not undertake any repair work or take into account any previous or future inspection / maintenance regime or lack of it. Like the MOT for your car a Thorough Examination is not part of or to be considered a substitute for the maintenance process, it should be carried out and reported on separately.

So, a Report of Thorough Examination does not quite cover all of the bases with regards to the current legislation and an employer’s duty of care.


Who can carry out a thorough examination?

The LOLER ’98 and PUWER ’98 Regulations simply require that a thorough examination is carried out by “a competent person”, the HSE definition of a competent person is;

“The term ‘competent person’ is not defined in law but the LOLER Approved Code of Practice and guidance (paragraph 294 on competent persons) states that:

  ‘You should ensure that the person carrying out a thorough examination has such appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined as will enable them to detect defects or weaknesses and to assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment.’

 Although the competent person may often be employed by another organisation, this is not necessary, provided they are sufficiently independent and impartial to ensure that in-house examinations are made without fear or favour.

However having an external person or company complete the report of Thorough Examination does remove any doubt of having in house maintenance personnel verifying their own work.

As a practical guide the following are likely to be able to complete a Thorough Examination of your lifting equipment under LOLER ’98 and PUWER ’98 regulations;


  • An experienced lifting equipment engineer, preferably a *LEEA TEAM card holder.must be applicable to the examination being completed.
  • *The TEAM card will list the qualifications of the member, and these qualifications
  • The manufacturer of your lifting equipment or their certified representative.
  • A specialist inspector working for an insurance company.It is worth noting that an “insurance inspection” is not necessarily a “Thorough Examination” and before you rely on such an inspection you should make sure that the documentation you receive from an insurance company is headed “Report of Thorough Examination” and is in accordance with schedule 1 of LOLER.


What should be noted on a Report of Thorough Examination?

 A Thorough Examination under LOLER is a detailed examination of the safety critical parts of the equipment carried out by a competent person and will require the examiner to physically check these parts noting any defects, this will require the equipment to be removed from use during the inspection and may require covers and guards to be removed to allow thorough inspection. The report should detail the following per schedule 1 of LOLER;


  1. The name and address of the employer for whom the thorough examination was made.
  2. The address of the premises at which the thorough examination was made.
  3. Particulars sufficient to identify the lifting equipment including where known its date of manufacture.
  4. The date of the last thorough examination.
  5. The safe working load of the lifting equipment or (where its safe working load depends on the configuration of the lifting equipment) its safe working load for the last configuration in which it was thoroughly examined.
  6. In relation to the first thorough examination of lifting equipment after installation or after assembly at a new site or in a new location—


  1. that it is such thorough examination;
  2. (if such be the case) that it has been installed correctly and would be safe to operate.
  1. In relation to a thorough examination of lifting equipment other than a thorough examination to which paragraph 6 relates—


  1. whether it is a thorough examination—

(i) within an interval of 6 months under regulation 9(3)(a)(i);

(ii) within an interval of 12 months under regulation 9(3)(a)(ii);

(iii) in accordance with an examination scheme under regulation 9(3)(a)(iii); or

(iv) after the occurrence of exceptional circumstances under regulation 9(3)(a)(iv);

  1. (if such be the case) that the lifting equipment would be safe to operate.
  1. In relation to every thorough examination of lifting equipment—


  1. identification of any part found to have a defect which is or could become a danger to persons, and a description of the defect;
  2. particulars of any repair, renewal or alteration required to remedy a defect found to be a danger to persons;
  3. in the case of a defect which is not yet but could become a danger to persons—

(i) the time by which it could become such danger;

(ii) particulars of any repair, renewal or alteration required to remedy it;

  1. the latest date by which the next thorough examination must be carried out;
  2. where the thorough examination included testing, particulars of any test;
  3. the date of the thorough examination.


  1. The name, address and qualifications of the person making the report; that he is self-employed or, if employed, the name and address of his employer.
  2. The name and address of a person signing or authenticating the report on behalf of its author.
  3. The date of the report.


When should I have a Report of Thorough Examination?

The requirement for Thorough Examination is to ensure that lifting equipment and accessories are and remain safe for use, and that we can detect and rectify any deterioration before it becomes a safety issue and as such are required throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Before use for the first time – unless equipment has an EC declaration of conformity that is less than 12 months old.

  • After assembly and before use at every location – particularly relevant to lifting equipment hire companies.
  • Following exceptional circumstances likely to jeopardise the equipment’s safety – damage or failure, return into use after a long period, or major changes or modification.
  • Regularly whilst in service – see below.

Unless the equipment is covered under a specific “examination scheme” or increased inspections have been highlighted under a project specific Risk Assessment then Thorough Examinations should be conducted:


  • 6 months, for lifting equipment and any associated accessories used to lift people
  • 6 months, for all lifting accessories
  • 12 months, for all other lifting equipment


Under PUWER and regulation 9 (4) of LOLER, lifting equipment may also require regular maintenance and inspections to determine any deterioration that may affect the safety of the equipment. The requirement and frequency of these inspections checks or maintenance should be determined by risk assessment and manufacturers information or determined by the competent person.


The Thorough Examination acts as a regular safety check, and if there any defects stated in the report, it points to there being issues with your regular inspection and maintenance scheme. If the report indicates that the item is no longer fit for purpose it is likely to indicate poor installation, poorly trained operators, poorly trained maintenance personnel or an inadequate maintenance regime.


Is your lifting equipment really safe to use?

Generally speaking the employer of the operator / user of the lifting equipment is responsible for ensuring that lifting equipment is safe, fit for purpose and has regular inspections and thorough examinations carried out and documented.

For your own peace of mind you should make sure that you have and document regular pre use and interim operator checks, regular inspections and have a preventative maintenance plan in place to ensure that your equipment is safe to use under LOLER and PUWER.

Make sure that any insurance inspection you have on your equipment is actually a “Thorough Examination” and is accompanied with the correct documentation as required by law under LOLER and PUWER.

Make sure that you have fulfilled all of your other duties, as well as having the Thorough Examination you need to have your equipment regularly maintained, so why not use a reputable lifting equipment company to cover all aspects of your duties.

Read the Report of Thorough Examination! Do not just file this away and assume all your responsibilities are covered by having this done. You must also read the report and action any comments or recommendations given by the competent person.

The examining company will issue a report, the report will outline the equipment that has passed inspection but will also outline defects, problems and condemned equipment, it is your responsibility to act upon the report, replacing or repairing defective equipment and making sure that dangerous equipment is not put back into circulation – the examining company should have tagged and quarantined these items for you.

Like the MOT on your car you are responsible for having any defects put right AND having the equipment re-inspected following repair or to buy replacement equipment if repairs are uneconomical. A good inspection company will follow up the report with a quotation to replace or repair, or even be able to complete the repairs on site after receiving authorisation from yourself; an insurance company probably will not offer a repair or replacement service and may not even follow up on their report.

You should choose to have your Thorough Examinations and maintenance carried out by a company that are members of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association), LEEA members are trained to understand the full scope of the regulations and possible shortfalls of duty holder’s knowledge of their requirements, and in most cases go beyond the minimum requirements that insurance companies tend to stick to.

Hoist UK are FULL members of LEEA, you can also find a list of all LEEA members on their website .

Hoist UK expands Into New Production Headquarters

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Lifting equipment specialists, Hoist UK and its sister company, Truss UK, have relocated to larger premises, a significant expansion and one which will enable both companies to move forward with their growth plans.

The new headquarters, comprising offices, specialised workshop areas and warehousing facilities, are situated on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate in Moreton, a location chosen for its accessibility to the M53 and UK motorway network.

The expansion reflects both Hoist UK and Truss UK’s continued success and subsequent growth over the past twelve months, a year which has seen developments in staffing numbers, product range and a number of new contracts being obtained both in the UK and overseas.

Hoist UK is a leading distributor of the Verlinde industrial and entertainment lifting equipment range, together with utilising its in-house skills by offering complete design, manufacture and installation services for lifting equipment requirements.


Sister company, Truss UK, perfectly compliments the services provided by Hoist UK, through its engineering expertise of design, CAD services, structural analysis, quality manufacturing and fabrication in profile steel, stainless steel and aluminium products.

Tony Dickson, Director at Hoist UK & Truss UK, is delighted at the expansion, he said, “We have grown as business over the last nine years by keeping to a robust and achievable business plan. The new premises are ideal for our growing sales, design and administration teams, with meeting rooms for training or client project meetings and will provide more space for production and manufacturing. We have expanded our hoist preparation and testing area as well as increasing our warehousing facility, so we are all set for the further growth planned over the next five years”.

Fellow Director Paul Jordan added, “We are confident that both Hoist UK and Truss UK, and more importantly, our customers, will benefit greatly from our new base and increased engineering capability.”


 Wirral Chamber of Commerce CEO, Paula Basnett congratulated Hoist UK and Truss UK on their expansion, she said, “It is always rewarding when I see a Wirral Chamber of Commerce member being successful but also a Wirral based business moving forward, particularly those which are providing key manufacturing skills and products to a global marketplace. I am delighted that both Hoist UK and Truss UK are demonstrating this and I wish them both even greater success over the coming years in their new business home.”

The facility was officially opened by The Mayor of Wirral, Les Rowlands on Friday 6th November together with the Hoist UK / Truss UK team.

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK Moves to New 10,000 Sq Ft Unit

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Lifting equipment specialists Hoist UK & Sister Company Truss UK have recently moved to bigger premises, significantly increasing the size of their previous facilities. The new offices, workshop and warehouse are still based on the Wirral peninsula and are ideally located in the heart of the UK motorway network.

The move reflects the growth and success of both companies over the last year which has seen an expansion in the company, the product range and business generally which meant that they outgrew their previous site. The new workspace boasts a 10,000 sq ft building, along with extensive yard space.

HOIST UK is a UK distributor for the complete range of Verlinde industrial and entertainment lifting equipment, as well as offering complete design, manufacture and installation services for all your lifting equipment needs.

TRUSS UK perfectly compliment the range of Hoist UK equipment with their own in house design, CAD & Manufacturing facilities, they can offer the full package: Design, structural analysis, quality manufacturing & fabrication. We are able to fabricate and profile steel, stainless steel & Aluminium products

Tony Dickson Director of Hoist UK & Truss UK Comments “Our new Moreton facility consists of ample office space for an ever growing sales / admin team, substantial customer meeting areas, plus extensive warehousing with a lifting equipment testing bay, that should support the company’s ambitious plans for at least the next 5 years”. The facility will be officially opened by The Mayor of Wirral, Les Rowlands on Friday 6th November together with the Hoist UK / Truss UK team.

From the 3rd August 2015, the new contact details will be:

Hoist UK Ltd / Truss UK Ltd

21 Tarran Way North,



CH46 4UA

 Tel:         +44 (0) 151 334 7682

Fax:        +44 (0) 151 334 9373

Their e-mail and website remains unchanged as:



Remember: Safety Above All

Sales Representative Vacancy

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

We are looking for a professional and enthusiastic individual to support us in the rapid growth of our business through the role of Sales Representative.

The ideal candidate will have the ability to work within a team and must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and you should be competent with basic computer software (able to operate Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook).

An understanding of the UK lifting equipment / crane industry would be advantageous, but not essential as product training will be given.

Although the position will be based at our Moreton facility, the role will also include external sales and site visits covering the North West and the rest of the United Kingdom.

As a Hoist UK Ltd representative you will be the face of the company to existing, old and new customers.

This will require an ability to judge the nature of the contact and to dress, act and deal with the contact accordingly.

The role requires flexibility in every sense and may require frequent and multiple overnight stays away from home.

Job Summary:

  • To sell the entire range of Hoist UK Ltd products and services to existing and new customers;
  • To provide good customer service in the field and to be the link between the customer and the office;
  • To visit existing and old customers at their premises / on site;
  • To identify, contact and visit new customers;
  • To follow up all customer visits appropriately;
  • To be an equal and key member of the sales team and to ensure the team in the office are fully briefed following customer visits;
  • To attend and report to the sales manger at sales meetings.
  • To attend trade shows when necessary;
  • To identify potential new products, markets and shifts in the industry
  • To carry out any other appropriate tasks given by the Sales / General Manager

Hours will be 8:30am to 5:00pm, 5 days per week; however flexibility in working hours will be essential to the successful implementation of this role.

This is a permanent position (following a trial period) with a competitive salary dependent upon experience and skills. A comapny car provided for this sales role.

This position is an immediate requirement and applications are invited from individuals by email (, including CV, with copies of any relevant certificates, a covering letter, a statement of availability, salary expectations and references.

All references will be taken up and incomplete applications will not be considered.


CAD Technician Vacancy

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Hoist UK are a well-established lifting equipment manufacturer and installer and we are looking for a professional individual to support us in the growth of our business in the role of a CAD Technician.

Salary: £25,000-£30,000 pa depending on experience

Location: Wirral

Hours: 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

Holidays: 20 days per year, increasing one day every year to a maximum of 25 days with company pension scheme

The ideal candidate will have the ability to work within a team. You must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, an understanding and familiarity of lifting equipment is preferable but not essential, as is an engineering background. As well as being experienced in CAD you should be competent with basic computer software (able to operate Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook).

The successful candidate will be working in the technical department under the supervision of the Technical Director, and will be working with design and sales teams producing both sales and manufacturing drawings to a very high standard. You will be expected to undertake other duties as reasonably requested by the design and sales team to help grow the company and to comply with the companies Health and safety, Quality and Environmental policies and project a professional image of the company in all your activities.

The candidate will have knowledge and experience in producing detailed manufacturing drawings to the relevant standards, be able to produce drawings in both 2D & 3D preferably with experience in using Autodesk Inventor software and have knowledge of basic engineering and manufacturing processes and know common engineering base materials and be used to low to medium volume manufacturing technology and methodology.

The position would ideally suit a mechanical draughtsperson with 2 to 3 years’ experience or an engineering graduate with CAD qualifications wishing to join a dynamic company with great opportunity for advancement within the company.

This is a permanent position (following a trial period) with a competitive salary dependent upon experience and skills.

This position is an immediate requirement; applications are invited from qualified individuals by email, including CV, with copies of any relevant certificates, a covering letter with statement of availability, salary expectations and references.

All references will be taken up and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications via email to

Verlinde Offers Food Process Industry Hoists

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Designed for food industry applications, ZHV INOX and CHZ INOX are now available in Verlinde’s Food Process equipment range. The food grade 314/316L stainless steel manual hoist and trolley were designed for the handling of loads from 500 to 1000 kg.

The ZHV INOX manual hoist is made up of a hoist body, a hook, a high strength lifting chain and a hand chain, all entirely made of stainless steel. The chain sprocket and gears are machined to provide smoother, more efficient lifting / manoeuvring. Lifting height (3 meters) and hand chain length (2.5 meters) as standard can, at the request of the customer, be lengthened to a maximum of 8 meters.



ZHV INOX is ideal  for assembly and maintenance applications in food-processing plants. The 1000 kg version is particularly compact weighing less than twenty kg and size of only 20 x 20 x 40 cm. It is housed in stainless steel to ensure protection for the hoist load wheel and gears. Top and bottom hooks (with their safety latches) in stainless steel are ISO certified. A CHZ INOX trolley option is available with standard headroom.

A trolley entirely in stainless steel, including side plates, crosshead and wheels, CHZ INOX enables any type of lifting equipment fitted with a hook to be used.

To read the full article, click here

LEEA warns UK employers not to risk cutting corners

Friday, March 13th, 2015

LEEA is warning UK employers of the risks of being misled regarding their obligation to undertake periodic thorough examination of all lifting equipment. The advice reflects growing concerns within the lifting industry that some companies are being tempted to cut costs by not conducting thorough examinations as frequently as required by LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations).

Geoff Holden, chief executive of LEEA, said: “All UK employers are subject to LOLER, which clearly states that, once in service, lifting equipment for lifting persons or accessories for lifting must be thoroughly examined by a competent person every six months. Lifting accessories include commonly used items such as shackles, steels, hooks and round slings. Only for lifting equipment that does not fall into one of these two categories is the period extended to every 12 months.”

LEEA represents nearly 900 companies in the overhead lifting industry worldwide and, in recent months, has been made aware that some users of lifting equipment are being incorrectly advised that money can be saved by extending all the intervals between thorough examinations to 12 months. Thorough examinations are usually conducted by external companies and LEEA is keen to stress that responsibility for compliance with LOLER lies with the owner of the equipment, not suppliers of examination and inspection services. Geoff Holden said: “In the event of a prosecution, the fact that incorrect guidance had been given by an inspection company would not provide a means of defence for the employer.”

For full article click here

Hoist UK Become Full Members of LEEA

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Hoist UK have recently completed a full LEEA audit, and have been granted full membership of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) effective from 1st August 2014.

LEEA is the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide, and has played a key role in this specialised field for over seventy years offering members advice and training on standards, regulations and health and safety within the lifting equipment profession.

Image 1 - LEEA Member Logo

“Becoming full LEEA members marks another step towards our commitment to the safety and training of our employees and assuring customers that they are our top priority, this goes hand in hand with our most recent accreditations in quality management (ISO: 9001) and environmental management (ISO: 14001)” says Louise Dickson General Manager of Hoist UK.

Paul Jordan, Director of Hoist UK Comments: “We have been working on this since applying for development membership in the autumn 2013, and are extremely proud to have achieved full membership in such a short space of time.” He adds: “Without the hard work and dedication of our staff, this would not have been possible”.

LEEA is actively involved in all aspects of the industry, promoting the highest technical and safety standards and representing the interests of their members worldwide.

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Internal Sales Person Vacancy

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Due to their continued increased growth and expansion, Hoist UK are looking for an enthusiastic Internal Sales Person who could support their existing sales team in achieving improved enquiry processing and overall customer management activities.

Hoist UK specialises in the installation, service and repair of lifting equipment for general industry as well as the theatre and the touring event industry.


Preferably educated to GCSE level or above. The suitable Sales Person will have some previous sales / administrative experience along with excellent communication skills both face to face and written, the ability to prioritise their workload effectively and have a high attention to detail. IT Skills are also essential.

Applicants with work experience in a Sales background will be viewed favourably. A background in the lifting equipment industry would also be an advantage, but not essential.

The Role:

  • As the company continues to grow and expand in key markets and sectors, they are looking for an enthusiastic Sales Person to provide support to their internal sales team and manufacturing departments, current clients and potential new clientele.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Processing incoming sales enquiries, purchase orders, general administration and invoices with agreed quality standards.
  • Respond to customer enquiries and requests via telephone and email.
  • Maintain the customer database & CRM System.
  • Ensuring all documentation is accurate and logged correctly in the sales and quality management system.
  • Communicate daily with customers via email, telephone and letter as well as in person, when required.
  • Support the existing Business Development, Engineering and Sales Team when necessary, as well as working with other engineering and operational departments to ensure we meet the customers’ requirements.

Key Competencies:

  • Excellent organisational and communication skills.
  • Drive and motivation to take a sale from enquiry level and deliver an order.
  • Ability to manage your workload to deliver against tight deadlines.
  • Team player able to work on own initiative.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills – at all levels.
  • Good telephone manner.
  • Familiarity with MS Office software primarily Excel, Word and Project.

The Company:

Hoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors.

We distribute products directly from some of the world’s leading manufacturers to offer you the best price and service possible.

We aim to meet all your supply needs; from the supply of a shackle to the design and installation of a complete lifting and handling system, we will integrate products from our suppliers range with equipment and services of our own design to create a complete project solution.

All applications and your CV should be sent to: and will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

(Applicants applying through a recruitment agency will not be considered).