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A Day in the Life of…Colin Jones

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Position at HUK?

Well there’s a question I don’t know to be honest as I have not officially been given one but I suppose I would call myself Technical Sales Engineer.

I have been in this industry for almost 25 years having started my career at Chester Chain having a temporary contract for only 2 months due to the full time fitter being on long term sickness, I was repairing all types of lifting gear. I then sat my entry level LEEA’S in them days it was in 2 parts.

I passed both of those and I was offered a full time position due to the chap I was covering was not coming back.

To cut a long story short I became Site test Engineer, Site Charge Hand, Site Foreman, Site Manager and finished there as General Manager.

How Long At This Roll?

I only joined HUK in March of this year, I have personally known Paul, Tony & Louise for many years

And also other members of staff like Phil, Lynn and Kerry so my first day was totally un-nerving and very much relaxing.

Working at HUK is like having an extension of my family we all work closely and everyone gets on.

I must say I’ve been very welcomed.


How did you first hear about Hoist UK?

Firstly through hoist enquiries etc. in our trade there are not that many companies left out there and we are a specialised industry.

I have seen HUK grow over the years I first visited them at their small unit in the Croft, Bromborough.

And many times when they moved to Wrynose road.

When they moved into the present site here at Moreton I got invited to have a look round and was given a guided tour by Paul never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to now be working here.

I must admit it’s one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

What’s a typical day at Hoist UK look like to you?

To be honest very typical of the environment I’m used to, but more up to date with much better facilities and systems in place.

Also a much happier place to work after some of the characters I used to work alongside (we’ll leave that one there I think!!). I enjoy being busy and some of the projects and jobs I get involved in are very interesting.

What has been your favourite project/What is your favourite part of the job?

Well I haven’t been here long enough yet to be able to comment on this, as previous authors

‘Of this A day in the life of’ feature but I try to get involved in most projects and jobs.

I suppose the job to date would be a large production facility in the north west. I initially carried out a site visit, from there a quotation and got the job I then assisted on the installation with the lads on site.

I get a real buzz from every order I get whatever its value and I think the day that buzz goes it’s time to pack in.

What’s your favourite book?

I would like to say the Kama sutra I always said it would be my ambition to try every position in the book!

BUT I still haven’t finished page one yet!!! You never know I may get to finish the book or certainly page one!! (dream dream dream).

But seriously not a big reader never seem to have the time.

What’s your favourite Film

Please don’t laugh but it’s got to be Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory with the late Gene Wilder, I have my own DVD of it even though it’s shown on TV regularly, brilliant film.

I also enjoy Netflix box sets and have recently watched ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Breaking Bad ’

I do like to watch old black & white films especially the British made ones I have a great collection of my own.

What was the first single you bought?

Gilbert O’sullivan ‘Alone Again’

I do have quite a reserved taste in music (Just an old fashioned Lad at heart)

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well as most people who know me will tell you Car Rallying it tend s to take up a lot of my spare time, preparing the car, repairs etc.

Hoist UK have been one of my sponsors on the car and van for the last 7 years so even through my hobby there has been a connection. We just finish New Brighton Promenade Stages last weekend and finished 45th O/A out of 98 cars and won trophies for ‘ Best Presented Car ‘

This was the first time out in this car having sold the Peugeot 306 and first time out since my Heart attack back in November.

Finally if you were stuck on a dessert island what 3 things would you want?

  1. Luxury Log Cabin with all amenities.
  2. Wi-Fi.
  3. A Nymphomaniac who’s Dad owns a Pub 🙂

A Day In The Life of…..Louise Dickson

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

We would like you to get to know our team here at Hoist UK…We will be running a series of

‘A Day in the Life of…’

through our news page & social media accounts. Next under the spotlight is our General Manager, Louise Dickson

Position at HUK?

General Manager – I unintentionally followed in my fathers footsteps. I was 18 and didn’t take to the university lifestyle, I’d never thought about a career in the lifting industry (My DADS industry…!) I guess I saw it as a male-oriented profession.”  I was at a point where the job I was doing was boring and mundane, and having known of past projects that my dad had been involved in, I thought lets give this a go. At first, it was tough, I never expected to still be here 8 years later but here I am —and I’ve not looked back.

How long in this role?

Well I have been working for the company for 8 years, starting off by just answering the phone and taking the simple enquiries, (oh and making cups of tea for my dad & Paul) My dad had me trained well…I’ve been making his tea since I could boil the kettle 🙂

Having taken a keen interest into the business, over the years I’ve learned a great deal about the industries that we work in, and I have in the last two years passed five on my LEEA examinations.

My official title is now General Manager, but we all do whatever it takes here to get the job done, from quoting projects, doing site visits, driving the fork lift truck, and packing boxes.


How did you first hear about Hoist UK?

As discussed above, it’s my dads business with his partner Paul. I was aware of what he did, and as a 16 year old teenie bopper, I had a keen interest in some of the projects he worked on. He would come home and tell us about the equipment Tomcat had supplied for all the major tours and big artists at the time. We would watch TV and I would point out all the clever stuff my dad had been involved in making to all my friends.
I can remember him pointing proudly at the TV when the BRITs were televised in 2002, telling us all about the lifting and rigging equipment. For the record, it was the year Shaggy took home the International Male Solo Artist award, and ‘performed’ Me Julie on a flying gold bed 🙂

What does a typical day at Hoist UK look like to you?

My day is different every day here at Hoist UK. I can spend days at a time working on big tender projects, or a few minutes working on a spare parts quote. Other days I will travel around the country visiting clients, or attending site visits and measuring up for jobs. There really isn’t a day that is ever the same. Some days I have my accounts hat on, other days I have my sales hat on. But it keeps the job interesting having such a varied workload.

What has been your favourite project / What is your favourite part of the job?

I don’t actually remember specific details of a project, but I do find the entertainment industry more interesting, and I love hearing about the venues that our equipment is being installed in. From a small lighting bar in a school, to a full performer flying system for the likes of Boyzone or other top celebrities. The industrial side of the business is also very interesting, visiting big food processing plants, and factories seeing how things are manufactured etc. It’s certainly an interest I never thought I would have back when I was in school.

What is your favourite book?

This is a difficult question, as I don’t read as much as an adult as I did as a child. But I’d say, going back to my childhood the BFG was one of my favourites, and I’m excited about the new film that is due out at the end of this month. Although they never do capture everything your imagination has to offer from reading a book.

What Is your favourite film?

OK, so this is a bit stereotypical and cringe worthy, but it has to be Dirty Dancing. I remember having the VHS as a child, my dad had recorded it off the telly, and it had the adverts running between various parts of the film. Even when I watch it now, I remember the parts of the film when the adverts would start…and I know pretty much all the words…not so much all the moves with my two left feet 🙂

What was the first single you bought?

Hmmm…the first single I remember knowing all the words to was by Donnie and Marie Osmond, the morning side of the mountain. My mum had it on one of them small records, before tapes & CD’s, we used to sing into our hairbrushes, and put the handle back on the start of the record over and over again. But the first single I actually remember buying, must have been a Take That album. Quite possibly still a guilty pleasure of mine!!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, I love to keep fit. Running and Yoga are my favourite things to do after work to unwind from the busy days. I recently completed a half marathon for charity and raised over £1500.00 for a hospice that is close to my heart. But spending time with my family & friends is what I enjoy most.

Finally, if you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want?

Does a lifetime supply of fine red wine count as one? If so, I’ll take the wine supply, along with a cheese and biscuits supply, and my boyfriend <3

A Day in the Life of….Tony Dickson

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

We would like you to get to know our team here at Hoist UK…We will be running a series of

‘A Day in the Life of…’

through our news page & social media accounts. First up is one of our directors, Tony Dickson.

Position at HUK?

Proprietor / Director – well you might think that’s a bit pretentious so let’s break it down; I’m the guy that has to pay the bills, puts food on the table of lot’s of families, the guy that worries about health and safety and staff welfare and the one that gets chased by the tax man, HSE and staff if I don’t do these jobs, the ideas man, the accountant, FLT driver, electrician, salesman, packer, labourer, cleaner, manager, counsellor, therapist & mentor.

How long in this role?

Well in November this year the company will be 10 years old, I have been here from the start along with my fellow director Paul Jordan, from when we used to share a shoebox of an office with rented laptops through to todays 10,000 sq ft workshop, offices and staff, and I probably will be here long into the future long after a sane man would have retired because this is my passion.

How did you first hear about Hoist UK?

Well, as I have said I started the company with Paul Jordan, it didn’t exist until our previous employment was sold out from under us and it didn’t have a name at that point, to be honest the hardest part about setting up the company was not the step into the unknown or risking everything it was actually naming the company, we went through hundreds of ideas and turned them down either because after thinking about it we didn’t like them or because we did like them but when we checked at Companies House the names were taken or the web domains were taken etc. I remember sitting with Paul exasperated staring around the room trying to think of something and spotting The Hoist magazine on the desk then saying to Paul “we need something simple that says what we do just like that Hoist magazine over there” – BOOM, Hoist UK Ltd was named and formed there and then.


What does a typical day at Hoist UK look like to you?

Well, you have seen the job title above ….. Hoist UK are more of a projects company rather than a stockist or distributor and we get involved with all sorts of projects across many industries; each day there is a different or several different challenges, we may be asked for anything from a performer flying track, a factory crane, something within a clean room or explosion proof facility or just something that has never been done before like an oscillating lift for aerospace or a missile guidance test winch. There really is no day that I can say is typical because of the varied projects we get involved in, so throughout the day I will be dipping in and out of the various projects we have on the go, checking on sales, purchases and invoicing, lending a hand where necessary in design and in the workshop, yes I suppose that does actually describe a typical day – That’s why I love this job!

What has been your favourite project / What is your favourite part of the job?

Wow, when do I get an easy question? There have been so many exciting and new projects …. I think for me I am still more excited over the entertainment side of the business and love working on this type of project, so either Kingdom of Dreams project in India or the City of Dreams project in Macau are my most memorable, don’t get me wrong I still love all the other jobs especially those that no one else either can do or wants to do, these are usually the ones where you have to think about what is needed, solve a problem and meet budget and deadline, that is the best part or parts of my job, I hope you can see why.

What is your favourite book?

Here is another difficult question, the simplest answer is the one I’m reading now! I love crime and thriller fiction, authors like James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, Lee Child & Jeff Lindsay, so if you catch me reading I will be reading either an Alex Cross, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher or Dexter type of book.

What Is your favourite film?

Here we go again, there are so many great films out there and I am getting on a bit so there are at least five decades of films to choose from maybe more if you look at the older films that were on TV when I was a kid like “The Vikings” with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis which was released the year I was born way back in 1958 that I watched on tv as a kid, then there are the re makes of the films that were out in those five decades …… they are all special for different reasons and evoke such fantastic memories. Hard Days Night for example by the Beatles in black and white 1964, probably the first time I remember going to the cinema, I was taken to see it by my older sister, the Beatles were in the height of their fame, Beatlemania was worldwide, in those days the films used to run continuously with just a five minute break in between to rewind the reel, and you could go into the cinema part way through the film, wait and see the beginning if you missed it. This film we watched over and over until we were thrown out to let other people in, that was the whole audience not just me and my sister.

Going the “pictures” with various girlfriends to watch films like Saturday Night Fever or Grease or going with your mates to watch Predator or Alien, taking my kids to watch Labyrinth or Gremlins, taking grandkids to watch Finding Nemo or Frozen, all great memories. But I am a bit of a Trekkie and have been since I was a kid so one of my favourites is the latest rendition of Star Trek series of films with Chris Pine as Captain James T Kirk, so I will be going to see “Star Trek Beyond” when it comes out later this year and of course due to my interest in Robert Ludlum books I guess my all time favourite would have to be The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, the new Bourne film is out in July so that’s a must!

What was the first single you bought?

Well, I was the youngest in the house and had an older brother and sister all who were working and really into music so I didn’t have to buy many “records” during my formative years and was brought up with all the great legends of that era like Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Joe Cocker, Gerry and the Pacemakers (Maybe Gerry shouldn’t be in with the legends but ….. Ferry across the Mersey & You’ll never Walk Alone – Obviously!!) etc but when they left home and I had to buy my own records so I guess the first one I actually bought myself was “Long Haired Lover from Liverpool” by little Jimmy Osmond …. NO ONLY KIDDING it was “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones, I was about 13 then, it was on vinyl, played at 45 rpm and cost about 50p or a whole weeks pocket money!.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, as you can guess running a company doesn’t give you much spare time, so I like to travel (well take holidays) when I can, get addicted to Netflix box sets, read books and go to the cinema, that’s when I am not socialising with the family who are a great and full part of my life.

Finally, if you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want?

  1. A five star all-inclusive hotel with an infinity pool
  2. Really good internet connection
  3. My wife


Business Development Engineer Vacancy

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Due to their continued increased growth and expansion, Hoist UK are looking for an enthusiastic Engineering who could support their existing business development team in achieving improved enquiry processing and overall customer management activities.

Hoist UK specialises in the installation, service and repair of lifting equipment for general industry as well as the theatre and the touring event industry.


Preferably educated to Degree level in an Engineering discipline, ideally Mechanical or Structural Engineering.

Applicants with work experience in Technical Sales or Engineering (including Year in Industry placements) will be viewed favourably.

The Role:

  • As the company continues to grow and expand in key markets and sectors, they are looking for an enthusiastic Engineering to provide technical support to their internal sales and manufacturing departments, current clients and potential new clientele.
  • Additionally, the candidate will be required to develop relationships and seek potential new business for our products and services from a wide range of industry and entertainment based prospects.
  • The company are constantly striving to improve and innovate products within the lifting industry and the candidate will be involved in design and development, working closely with the company’s directors.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Processing enquiries and producing quotations within agreed quality standards.
  • The interpretation and translation of customer specifications into clear work statements.
  • The identification/clarification of customer objectives.
  • Ensuring all documentation is accurate and logged correctly in the sales and quality management system.
  • Take hold of job ownership in conjunction with operational areas to ensure effective communication and that margins and project timing are achieved.
  • Communicate daily with customers via email, telephone and letter as well as in person, when required.
  • Managing existing accounts and identifying and develop new business opportunities.
  • Prepare data and analysis to generate key performance information.
  • Support the existing Business Development, Engineering and Sales Team when necessary, as well as working with other engineering and operational departments to ensure we meet the customers’ requirements.

Additional Requirements:

Whilst the role is essentially based at our Bromborough works on the Wirral, there may be a need for UK and occasional European travel to support customer review meetings, project management meetings, presentations and proposals.

Key Competancies:

  • Excellent organisational and communication skills with the ability to negotiate at all levels of the organisation.
  • Drive and motivation to take a project at enquiry level and deliver an order.
  • Ability to manage your workload to deliver against tight deadlines.
  • Team player able to work on own initiative.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills – at all levels.
  • Good telephone manner.
  • Familiarity with MS Office software primarily Excel, Word and Project.
  • Familiarity with 2D or 3D CAD systems is essential.

The Company:

Hoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors.

We distribute products directly from some of the world’s leading manufacturers to offer you the best price and service possible.

We aim to meet all your supply needs; from the supply of a shackle to the design and installation of a complete lifting and handling system, we will integrate products from our suppliers range with equipment and services of our own design to create a complete project solution.

All applications and your CV should be sent to: and will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

(Applicants applying through a recruitment agency will not be considered).

Hoist UK Makes a Point at Warwick Arts Centre

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Suppliers are sometimes put into boxes by consultants and customers alike. Hoist UK are no different in that their core business is seen as being the live touring and events industry, which is really not the case.

Hoist UK are a British manufacturer who produce their own lifting and rigging products, as well as working within in a close team of some of the world’s best and well know stage engineering manufacturers to create a total project solution in theatre, retail, industrial and the live event industry.

Stage engineering specialists Hoist UK have supplied and installed a lightweight aluminium rigging bridge system at Warwick Arts Centre for their 1,500 seat concert theatre, Butterworth Hall.

The aluminium bridge rigging system covers an area of 360m2 and contains twenty moving and lockable rigging bridges, each capable of suspending a load of up to 1000kg and with a span of more than five metres with two moving and lockable points for any load bearing purpose.

The Hoist UK rigging bridge system is manufactured using aluminium components which contain a variety of tracks ranging from a 135mm deep track weighing just 6.5kg/m to a 250mm deep track weighing 14.5kg/m and capable of suspending a 2000kg load on a 3.4 metre unsupported span.

ALU is a strong, ergonomic and safe system which complies with EN13001 (Eurocode 9) and consists of a range of tracks, trolleys and suspension brackets to be configured as required for the application, with all the bridges and trolleys being smooth running and silent for a perfect theatre installation.

Hoist UK’s Paul Jordan says: “The beauty about this system is that due to being a lightweight extruded aluminium track, we can maximise the capacity of the rigging points, without using all the capacity of the roof structure of the venue, as the use of conventional universal beam or steel track would reduce your show loading capabilities”.

Howard Potts, Technical Director of Warwick Arts Centre says: “After seeing one of Hoist UK’s previous installations of ALU at the Royal Shakespeare Company, I was sold on this being the perfect solution to my project needs. The bridges using this system were so easy to manoeuvre into the position and I could see how flexible my new rigging system would be using this as the basis of the design”.

“Our new rigging system is exactly what we wanted and will make the creation of hanging points so much simpler and easier to execute in the zone above our taught wire grid for forthcoming productions” adds Howard Potts.

Hoist UK’s Tony Dickson comments: “In order to maximise the coverage of the system we had to design and manufacture a set of bespoke brackets that clip to the existing roof trusses, as it wasn’t possible to site drill or weld in the roof void”

“We provided the customer with a full technical submission with a formal set of structural calculations and design drawings to show how we were planning to connect the system to the existing structure, which was signed off by their structural engineer” adds Paul Jordan from Hoist UK.

Hoist UK will be opening a new demonstration and training facility at their Bromborough HQ during March, with the aluminium track system and lots of other new and exciting products available for their visitors to get hands on experience with…

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK to Open New Facilities

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

In an unprecedented and in what some might feel a daring move, Hoist UK has decided not to exhibit at any of the national or international trade shows this year. Instead they have decided to open a demonstration room and teaching facility at their new premises on the Wirral.

“We feel that our clients deserve to be given the time to thoroughly understand our products and services” says Tony Dickson, Director of Hoist UK. “This new facility will allow a lot more one to one time to be spent with our clients than we could ever get at trade shows, and let them get a working knowledge and understanding of our products and our team so that they can be confident in what they are specifying or buying” he adds.

The demonstration room will house the full range of HUK products, as well as products from our partners JR Clancy, Niscon Inc. and Verlinde, all of which will be installed and fully functional including some motion control products and a 3d flying rig.

The Hoist UK technical team will be on hand to talk through the operation and benefits of the equipment whereby the visitors will have the time to acquire all the information and if they are so disposed get the full “hands on” experience of the equipment.

In addition to the demonstration room, Hoist UK will offer full technical training packages in the lecture room on hoists, winches, control and a full range of truss and lifting equipment. The training courses are aimed at technicians, users and equipment specifiers alike and will provide a good overall knowledge of theoretical and practical disciplines.

Fellow Director Paul Jordan says “We are very excited about this move, we hope that our open approach to training in the form of motor, control and truss schools and having fully functional equipment readily available will allow people to fully understand what can be done, what is available and how lifting operations can be completed safely and economically”.

Although all visits will have to be scheduled through Louise Dickson, Hoist UK will offer a virtually open invitation to the training and demonstration rooms to all their industry colleagues when the facility opens in March 2012, they hope that everyone will feel welcome, hardened industry professionals, people new to the industry and students alike. “Obviously there will be times when there are formal training sessions being held but we hope to see as many people as possible, just let us have some notice before coming so we can get the tea and biscuits in” says Louise.

For more information on training courses and dates or to arrange a visit please contact our training team on: or +44 (0)151 334 7682.

For further information visit: or contact:

Remember: Safety Above All


Hoist UK moves and expands with a manufacturing facility

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Hoist UK Ltd, the UK’s leading lifting and mechanical handling equipment manufacturer and supplier have recently moved to larger premises.

This is the third move in Hoist UK’s lifetime and again has been necessary due to the outstanding growth of the company since their last move only three years ago.

“Thanks to this relocation, Hoist UK and our sister company AJB Precision Fabrications can now be housed under one roof, this will allow us to offer seamless integration of our own manufactured products and those of our internationally renowned suppliers to our clients” says Hoist UK director Tony Dickson.

The new Hoist UK & AJB Precision Fabrication facility is located at:

Unit 2, Wrynose Road, Old Hall Industrial Estate, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3QD.

“Our sister company AJB Precision Fabrications are a steel and aluminium fabrication company, with in house CNC machining facilities. The directors of AJB are Phil Williams and Mike Nicholson who like Tony Dickson and Paul Jordan are both ex Tomcat, as they were head welder/fabricator and head CNC programmer/machinist respectively. Our aim is to keep manufacturing alive in the UK” says fellow HUK director Paul Jordan.

“Although AJB manufacture all the HUK engineered products we have developed our own client base for fabricated products and offer sub contract manufacturing facility for small / large batch work and custom fabricated structures” says AJB director Mike Nicholson.

AJB and HUK complement each other perfectly, as ex Tomcat employees we all completely understand the entertainment and touring events industry with regard to short timescales and costing. The design facilities provided to us by HUK give us access to structural analysis packages and full 3D solid modelling of components using AutoCAD Inventor software” adds fellow AJB director Phil Williams.

And finally Tony Dickson has the following open invitation, “We are currently expanding our office layout in the new premises, and plan to have a fully functional showroom housing all of our lifting and control equipment, once this is completed we will welcome all of our existing and future clients for either formal training sessions, familiarisation sessions for clients or simply welcome you for an informal meeting to discuss future projects, but please let us know you are coming so we can organise the tea and biscuits!”.


Flying High with Hoist UK at PLASA 2010

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Hoist UK have been flying high this year at PLASA 2010 demonstrating their capabilities in the production services sector of the entertainment industry. 

One area of their production services capabilities is in the performer flying sector and this was showcased at Hoist UK‘s own PLASA 2010 stand at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London.  At hourly intervals throughout the day exhibitors, visitors and industry professional’s packed the aisles around the “HUK” stand to watch aerial artiste Isabel Woywode perform a stunning, graceful and heart racing silks performance to various pieces of music, her polished act complimented and showcased the products available from Hoist UK and the services currently available on hire from their production services division.  


Hoist UK are looking to work on future projects with the vast production experience on offer from their production services division to compliment the design and manufacturing capabilities of Hoist UK, which will prove to be a formidable force within the entertainment industry.  

Although based in the UK, the HUK production team have worldwide experience in solutions ranging from engineering design, technical hardware and crew to custom circus products, artistes and event coordination.  

For further details on the Production Services, please contact:  


Click on the following link: 






Remember: Safety Above All 

HUK introduces: The only Motion Control System you will ever need !

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Entertainment lifting specialists Hoist UK Ltd have recently signed an exclusive European distribution agreement for the Raynok Motion Control System, manufactured by Niscon Inc based in Canada.

The Raynok Motion Control System is a state of the art control solution specifically engineered for the entertainment industry and boasts the ability to control all your stage machinery from one PC based control interface. The system uses a complete range of Raynok control modules to link to your existing or new stage machinery and provides safe and secure communications with the Raynok control software.

Joseph Jeremy, President of Niscon Inc comments: “We initially became aware of Hoist UK at PLASA’08. It was my first time attending and I was impressed with the presentation and professionalism that was displayed on their stand.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to meet with Tony or Paul at the show, which added to my surprise when Tony contacted us shortly after my return to Toronto. He and Paul were planning to attend LDI’09 in Las Vegas and asked if Peter and I would make some time to meet with them. We welcomed them to our booth and after a short meeting it was clear that the offerings of our respective firms would be a great match. To that end, Niscon Inc. is extremely pleased to have the Raynok Motion Control System exclusively distributed throughout Europe by Hoist UK.

The combination of Niscon Inc.’s commitment to The Art of Movement and Hoist UK’s Safety Above All will provide our customers with exceptional equipment and outstanding service.”

Tony Dickson, director of Hoist UK added “We are very excited and privileged to distribute this unique product throughout Europe. The Raynok motion control system can be configured to control an unlimited number of items from a variety of manufacturers equipment, such as chain hoists, travel drives, trolleys, winches, turntables and pilewind (yo yo) drums. The ability to do this in a safe manner with all different elements being controlled simultaneously (if required) by one person is a different proposition to the other motion control systems out there, as it is the only motion control system you will ever need due to its ability to control all your equipment and the system can grow with your equipment requirements”.

Paul Jordan, fellow director of Hoist UK comments “One of the greatest strengths of Raynok is the ability to simplify the collaborative efforts of the creative and technical teams to create fluid scenic imagery. Whether the staging of simple production calls or complex cueing, the Windows™ operating system, common mouse, keyboard and menu commands make executing tasks within Raynok simple and intuitive. Hoist UK will be present at the ABTT and PLASA shows introducing the full capabilities of the system, using it to control whole a host of different equipment and allowing visitors to get hands on with this unique control solution”.

Tony Dickson also comments: “Drop down menus, right mouse button menus, toolbars and a customisable multi-monitor graphic display aid the operator in configuring a comfortable desktop workspace and make multi axis positional control of all manner of stage machinery easy and simple to programme and control. It is clear to us that there is nothing on the market like this system, which is why we have tied up an exclusive deal for distribution”

Peter Sinkner, fellow President of Niscon Inc comments: “Raynok is so easy to program and achieve the results the creative team want that you’ll be in the bar long before your mates on the LX crew”.

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK – Release two new products

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Hoist UK are proud to announce that two new products have been added to their entertainment portfolio:

LX Ladder:

The Hoist UK LX Ladder is a purpose built aluminium ladder beam designed to BS8118 – Structural use of aluminium, and fully load rated and certified.

The optimum design of the ladder offers the best possible strength to weight ratio. The top and bottom chords and verticals have been specifically designed to allow for the maximum mount of useable chord for suspensions and loading purposes.

The LX Ladder is designed for suspension using the top chord and loaded using the bottom chord. The ladder is normally internally wired with either 15A round pin BS546 socket outlet commonly used for stage lighting equipment; it will also accept a 13A BS1363 rectangular pin (UK standard) socket outlet or 16A BS EN 60309 type socket outlet more commonly used for TV and Film lighting equipment.

The LX Ladder comes with a robust steel end box which is designed to be fitted to the end of the ladder providing a neat termination box where the internally wired circuits can connect with fixed wiring or multicore cables via a standard 19 pin Socopex connector or a similar connector of your choice. LX Ladder can be used in winch, hoist and counter weight installations up to fifteen (15) metres long and requires a support attached to the top chord at least every three (3) metres to safely operate within our published load tables (below).

LX Ladder can be supplied without internal cabling and sockets for use as a load rated scenery bar. The top and bottom chords of LX Ladder are 48mm diameter, so it can be use with all your existing standard fixtures. LX Ladder can be provided in a steel construction for installations whereby the increase in self weight would be beneficial and other sizes and lengths of LX Ladder can be produced on application.

 Based on a contemporary design, Hoist UK has managed to lose a lot of the excess weight from the conventional winch design without losing strength or quality.


Pilewind Winch:

An ideal solution for schools, smaller venues and retail outlets for banners, small trusses and lighting bars. Perfect for installations where access to a three phase power supply is problematic.The unit has been designed for ease of installation with the minimum of parts and a complete range of header and diverter pulleys specially designed for use with the pilewind winch.

Every Hoist UK pilewind winch will be supplied with a certificate of conformity and will have been load tested in our works prior to dispatch.


· Compact dimensions
· Robust and lightweight construction
· WLL: 125kg / 250kg / 400kg
· Number of rope outputs: 2 to 6 line as standard
· Nominal winching speed: 4 m/min
· Nominal drum capacity: 12 metres
· Design factor 10:1
· Self sustaining worm gearbox with brake unit
· Secondary brake available instead of self sustaining worm gearbox, if required.
· Electric limit switch (4 position as standard, 6 position available)
· Electrical Options: Supplied with either pendant, wall mount control panel, radio controlled or without electrical cubicle
· Power supply: 220V 1ph 50Hz or 415V 3ph 50hz
· Low voltage control circuit as standard
· Finish: Silver
· Tested and certified with owners manual
· Designed and manufactured to BS7905 -1; Specification for the design and manufacture of above stage equipment
· CE Marked
· Designed and built in the UK

Remember: Safety Above All