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Hoist helps Workshop to Manoeuvre Canal Gates

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Helping the Canal & River Trust to lift and manoeuvre wooden lock gates for canals is the VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT3 electric wire rope hoist. The ten tonne hoist is part of a crab unit that was selected for its ability to offer dual speeds and high levels of operator control.

Pelloby, a company which has been working as a UK distributor of VERLINDE products for several decades, designed, manufactured and implemented the double girder crane system.

The Canal & River Trust has been producing lock gates for the UK´s waterways since 1963. This investment in the 10 tonne double girder crane is designed to further enhance capability at the organisation´s Bradley Workshop in Bilston, West Midlands where around 180 lock gates are produced every year.

With over 1,500 locks on UK canals, building new lock gates is a year-round job at the Canal & River Trust. An average lock gate lasts for about 25 years. Towards the end of their working life they will get a visit from the Trust´s carpenters, who measure it up, ready to be rebuilt back at the workshop. Usually it takes a couple of carpenters two weeks to build a pair of lock gates, but for the biggest gates it can take over a month. Every single lock gate is unique and made in the traditional way using sustainable oak.

Heavy design and construction is needed so that the gate holds up to the pressure of the canal water and continual wear and tear from boats that pass through the lock. This weight means that suitable cranage capacity is required to lift and transfer lock gates between workstations.

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Crane fitted with electric wire rope hoist offers safe working load

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

An electric wire rope hoist from VERLINDE has been integrated with a new 360° power slewing jib crane. It was at Yarmouth Harbour on the Isle of Wight, UK that EUROBLOC VT2 electric wire ropes hoist was fitted. Designed, manufactured and installed by UK distributor, Pelloby, the crane/hoist offers a safe working load of five tonne.

 As a vital tool for a busy dock, the new crane provides dockside access for the various boats using the harbour on a daily basis. Thanks to its 360° rotation, seven meter height and use of a VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT electric wire rope hoist, the crane can be used for loading and unloading goods and equipment, or for lifting vessels out of the water for maintenance purposes.

A EUROBLOC VT2 04115 CRP4 hoist was specified. This short headroom trolley version offers nine metres height of lift, 8+1.3m/min hoisting speed, 3-20m/min travel speed and M5 duty classification. Deemed ideal for the 838x292x176kg universal beam, the hoist will be expected to perform with complete reliability in this exposed, salt-rich marine environment.

Hoist UK Help the Mars Rover

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Hoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors and have recently supplied a bespoke monorail hoisting solution latest generation of Mars Rover units at a facility based at Airbus UK in Stevenage in the United Kingdom.

Working directly for Bouygues Energies and Services, Hoist UK provided a hoist from their hygienic and clean room range which had some unique features for this very unique application,

Hoist UK Director Paul Jordan says: “The hoist was a 1.6 tonne SWL unit with 5.8 metres height of lift and all external surfaces of the hoist were polished stainless steel 316 with minimal horizontal surfaces to help maintain the cleanliness level of the room for the application and the unit was fitted with an infra-red remote control system”.

Paul Jordan adds: “The lifting medium in the hoist was a dyneema belt which is a non-metallic and natural fibre which does not require any additional lubrication, so is perfect for this type of application where cleanliness is a key feature of the required design. Normally electric chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists are used for this type of application but these types of hoists all need lubrication on the chain or wire rope, which is not desirable or permitted in order to keep the very strict cleanliness levels in some of these ISO rated clean rooms. Our hoisting solutions give the customers the very highest levels of cleanliness with equipment that is fit for purpose and manufactured to British and European standards”.

Clean Room Point Hoist

Hoist UK Director Tony Dickson comments: “Our customer and their end user were very happy with lifting system which was installed and commissioned over a two day installation period on Airbus UK site in Stevenage after successful testing in our works.”

Paul Jordan adds: “Hoist UK are not only able to provide standard equipment to suit our customer needs, but are also able to supply specialist and bespoke products manufactured here in the United Kingdom like for this application using our own in house design and manufacturing facilities.

Hoist UK is a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) with UKAS accreditation to ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment) and OSHA 18001 (Health & Safety) to give the customer peace of mind under their company motto of Safety Above All.”

LEEA are established across the globe as the respected and authoritative representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.

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Remember: Safety Above All

10-tonne Verlinde Suspended Crane Installed in Tolli Sculpture Workshop

Friday, February 5th, 2016

A 10-tonne Verlinde suspended crane is installed in the sculpture workshop of Tollis, a company whose specialty is the restoration of heritage buildings.

Tollis, integrated in the Lebèvre group, is involved in all heritage restoration activities. It was founded in Normandy in 1944. When WW2 was over, a great deal of work had to be done after bombing had ravaged numerous towns. The group was gradually structured by integrating or creating units to cater for various activities: stone cutting, masonry, wooden structures, joinery, reinforcement of buildings, restoration of ornamental parts and sculptures, implementing innovative techniques for each activity used side by side with more traditional techniques.

Tollis focuses on the restoration of buildings / monuments and sculptures, whether they involve works in stone, metal or bronze. For stone sculptures it is frequently necessary initially to make a mould of the original that will be used as a basis for the restoration. Guillaume Montagné, who followed a project on Nevers Cathedral points out: “for instance, on this cathedral we recently had to carry out a restoration operation of statues encircling the top of the steeple. The original sculptures were removed and taken to our workshop. On the copies we made, following the moulding operation, we carried out a restoration operation that consisted of restoring significant elements that were missing, like a finger, a hand, a beard, a sceptre, etc. Based on the copies, our sculptors were able to carve new stone sculptures that were then put in place around the steeple. The original sculptures are now conserved and are on display to the public in a gallery devoted to such works.”

A Verlinde suspended crane at the service of sculpture Guillaume Montagné: “Tollis has been based at Chevilly Larue in the Paris region for the last almost fifty years and our 900 m² workshop with a floor to ceiling height of 25 m can handle the most impressive sculptures and statues. The first suspended crane was installed in 1968 for a stone cutting enterprise in the group working in these premises and it has proved its utility with assiduity until very recently. The time had come to look again at the installation for reasons of compliance, safety, reliability and ease of operation. Suspended crane travel now benefits from new, more economical motorisations and a Verlinde hoist with the capacity of lifting 10 tonne loads has been installed on the double girder crane that travels on the existing metal structure. The new hoist has meant, for instance, that oil leaks and a lack of travel precision are now a thing of the past.

The VERLINDE wire rope hoist installed was selected from the EUROBLOC VT range. It actuates the lifting hook block by means of a 4-fall rope lead-off enabling totally centred vertical lifting. The hoist motors for vertical travel and the travel / long travel motors for horizontal movement provide variable speed offering the operator several advantages like jolt-free travel, no oscillation, great flexibility of movement and significant precision for offloading loads. As the sculpture workshop environment is very dusty, all components have an IP66 dust protection rating. The system incorporates various safety features: a highly efficient lifting brake, protection against overloads and travel limit switches for the hoist and suspended crane. As each lifted load has its particularities, general control of the crane is provided by a button radio-control system enabling the operator handling any sculpture to place himself in the best possible position to carry out the manoeuvre.

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Custom Hoist and Tracking System Bring New Versatility to Valley Baptist Church

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

USA – Bakersfield’s Valley Baptist Church provides three worship services every Sunday in its 1,800-seat worship centre, two services with a choir and orchestra to appeal to a diverse age group, and a third with a praise band playing guitars and drums. As its congregation grew and more young adults with children crowded the centre for the contemporary service, the church’s leaders decided it was time for an update of the hall’s technology.

A decade ago, the church had installed video projection screens, so the faces of the pastor and other celebrants would be very visible to everyone seated in the hall. The church also projects song and hymn lyrics on the screens, a feature that significantly increases the congregants’ participation in the service.

A stage filled with musicians and a choir feels grandly spiritual, an effect that appeals to many people attending, but a deep, mostly empty stage can dwarf a much smaller band. To find a new configuration that would work for both kinds of services, the church approached the theatre consultants at Idibri Design, the company that had worked with Valley Baptist on two previous steps in this technological renovation.

“We wanted a way to update the stage look between the two services without losing the ability to use screens upstage,” said Jason March, director of engineering at Valley Baptist. “We wanted a backdrop that would come down and separate the orchestra and choir from the praise band, and we wanted our screens to come forward in front of all the backdrops. We didn’t want to lose all the graphics and images for the service with the praise band.”

Idibri began the renovation by replacing the video projection screens with two 18’ x 10’ LED display walls, a technology update that increased the movability of the church’s video system. The challenge, however, came with the need to reduce the stage size to make the space more intimate for the contemporary service. The church needed a system that would move the screens downstage 28 feet, and then lower them to eight feet above the stage.

To create this custom solution, Idibri and local theatre technology dealer Pacific West Sound turned to J. R. Clancy, Inc.

“The people at Clancy and I came up with a reasonable solution, based on the design concept from the consultants at Idibri,” said Chris Berendsen, installation manager at Pacific West Sound. “Clancy had done LED gantry systems that moved up and down or in and out, but this one had to do both. It was truly unique.”

Movement on several different axes was only part of the solution, said Patrick Finn, product manager with J. R. Clancy. “They needed the screens to play at both an upstage and a downstage location,” he explained. “We designed a way for them to travel upstage and store flush with the back wall. It required a custom hoist and gantry system, using components of our PowerLine line shaft hoist but configured in a custom way.”

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Chain hoist targets less experienced operators

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

VARIO is the inverter version of VERLINDE’s EUROCHAIN VR electric chain hoist. Designed for handling loads of 100 to 2500kg, operator productivity is enhanced, life span increased and operating flexibility is improved.

The VVF drive has no lifting movement thresholds, which enables accurate positioning of loads and greater operating flexibility. Depending on the value of the load, the type of movement and their own experience, the operator can choose the travel speed most appropriate to the operation. Lifting operations are safer and more accurate. With its minimum speed of approximately 0.25m/m, VARIO enables less experienced operators to manipulate loads with no risk of damage. Continuous control of speed also provides greater productivity. This feature now allows lift speed and motor torque to be dissociated: speed, for the reduction of cycle time to enhance hoist station productivity when running empty, and motor torque, for lifting under load to ensure precision travel with a maximum power margin.

The VARIO inverter system called ESR provides a maximum speed 1.5 times greater than the standard speed, and the integrated customised version of the deceleration ramp enables a lifting speed twice as fast as normal with light loads. Full speed can be used to a maximum of 40% of the rated load, the maximum motor speed remaining at 3000rpm. At 20% of the load, the rated speed is the equivalent of 150% of the listed speed. With nominal load, the rated speed is the equivalent of the listed speed.

With VARIO the life span of equipment is increased. Continuous speed control reduces mechanical shock by means of gradual starts and smoother halts. The reduction in the number and level of shocks to which the crane components or structure are subjected increases the life span of the frame. Continuous speed control, furthermore, enables the use of the electric brake during deceleration before application of the mechanical brake. Electrical braking reduces brake wear because the mechanical brake is only used when stationery.

VARIO has all the advantages of EUROCHAIN VR electric chain hoists..

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Verlinde Hoists Keep the Electricity Flowing

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

There are approximately 2250 hydroelectric installations of various sizes in Metropolitan France the power of which varies from 1000W to several hundred megawatts. EDF operates 436 of the stations – of the total installed capacity of 25.4gigawatts nationwide, EDF produces 20gigawatts

The River Maulde is a relatively small watercourse of 70 km long with its source in the commune of Gentioux-Pigerolles (Creuse department) and its mouth at Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat (Haut-Vienne department) where it flows into the River Vienne. EDF operates six dams on the river with a combined power output of 18megawatts. Located at Martinex, Fleix, Langleret, Villejoubert and Lartige, the six gravity dams, most of them Ambursen type dams, roughly 16m high, have buttresses spaced at intervals and are of identical design.

Each dam is made up of five sections (with the exception of Lartige) on four of which are mounted a bulb unit fitted with an asynchronous generator, while the fifth section is used when an emptying operation is necessary.

Each section equipped with a bulb unit is made up of a water intake tower, a penstock with a 90deg elbow and a butterfly type slide valve. Until now, the EDF maintenance and servicing teams used a 15t capacity hoist that they moved from one group to another and from dam to dam.

Faced with the challenge of heavy renovation works on each of the six dams’ sections, EDF put the job out to tender. José Lima co-manager of Meije, part of the Verlinde Europont network says, “The invitations for tenders put out by EDF, involved, on the one hand, the renovation of the existing monorail tracks and supports and, on the other hand, the supply of five identical and easily movable mobile monorail hoists. Our bid with Verlinde hoists won the contract because it precisely met the specification sheet conditions both in terms of price and of equipment quality.

“EDF decided to install a Verlinde Eurobloc VT standardised 2m/M5 hoist on each section of the dam being renovated, each with a lifting capacity of 15t and lifting height of 15m. This hoist enables operations on the heaviest parts of the bulb group located in the section at the base of the dam. The five sections equipped in this way enable simultaneous work on the five groups and keep production downtime to a minimum. After 12 to 16 months’ work, when renovation work is completed, the hoists can be easily dismounted using a screw plate system we have designed. They are then set up on the next dam.”

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Verlinde expands Eurochain VR hoist reach

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Verlinde has expanded its range of Eurochain VR hoists to include a stainless steel model designed for use in the food industry.

According to the manufacturer, the new model is fitted with a new hoist load wheel concept with intermediate teeth for the drive chain, in addition to two lifting speeds, a start/stop palm button on the control box, and a torque limiter.

Other features include a hoist disc brake, a low voltage control system (48V), variable speed travel motor, and a electric safety limit switch for high and low positions,

Specific to this new model is a stainless steel hoisting chain and a standard lifting height of 3 m, and watertight motor protection IP 55. Verlinde explains that the hoist motor is thermally protected to ensure serviceability in regions with extremes of temperature (from -40°C to 70°C) and of high moisture levels (to 95%).

The new VR hoist arrives equipped with two buttons pendant for a hook suspended hoist or manual trolley and four buttons pendant for a hoist with electric trolley.

The manufacturer offers multiple specific options for food industry applications including a stainless steel lifting hook, white paint, NSF H1 food grade biodegradable grease for the gear reducer, the travel trolley and for the hoisting chain, while the travel trolley can be fitted with stainless steel wheels.

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Hoist UK supply bespoke automatic oscillating crane

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Hoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors and have recently supplied a bespoke monorail hoisting system with an automated vertical oscillation element for a large aerospace manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

Monorail #3

The crane system is designed for operation on a chemical process line facility with aggressive acidic conditions running ten operations per hour on a twenty four hour basis with the system holding a fixture containing components in a stable level and fixed condition whilst performing an automated smooth vertical oscillation.

Hoist UK Design Engineer Wayne Ridgeley says: “The fixture on the crane system can safely process up to 200kg of component parts and uses a screw jack mechanism controlled by a PLC control system, which enables the customer to change the oscillation parameters of the machine through a touch screen HMI with crane itself having encoders and limit switches on board to monitor the conditions of operation.

Wayne Ridgeley adds: “The crane system traverses along a fixed monorail beam on variable speed electric travel trolleys with the operator controlling the raise and lowering functions manually, as well as being able to run the oscillate function through a suspended pendant hand controller on a festoon system. The main structure of the monorail crane is coated with a C4 painted finish to ISO12944 and stainless steel caging is present to all four sides to protect the operator when in use”.

Hoist UK Director Paul Jordan comments: “Whilst we are unable to divulge who the customer was, they were very happy with the crane system which was installed and commissioned over a three day installation period on their site after the factory acceptance testing in our works.”

Paul Jordan adds: “Hoist UK are not only able to provide standard equipment to suit our customer needs, but are also able to supply specialist and bespoke products manufactured here in the United Kingdom using our own in house design and manufacturing facilities, which are UKAS accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 to give the customer peace of mind under our company motto of Safety Above All.”

Hoist UK is a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association).

LEEA is established across the globe as the respected and authoritative representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.

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Hoist maker Verlinde introduces environmental management system

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

At its Vernouillet, France, production plant, Verlinde SA has introduced an environmental management system in compliance with standard ISO14001-2004.

Based on a four-stage procedure (planning, service enhancement, data collection, inspections) it is designed to introduce and promote integration of environmental criteria as early as product design and manufacture; reduction of consumption of energy and natural resources; control of technological risks and accidental pollution involving industrial activity and technological watch in respect of processes available to industry aimed at waste prevention and the recycling of waste in all its forms; reduction of waste and water-borne and airborne pollutants generated by industrial activity; and a policy of communication targeting personnel, suppliers and subcontractors.

ISO14001-2004 certification, obtained in 2008, is the result of a dedicated approach to sustainable development and is written into the industrial group’s programme of excellence.

In accordance with this commitment, the Eurochain VR hoist,

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