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When does your hoist need an general overhaul or be replaced ?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Well that’s an interesting question… all hoists currently operating within the UK and European marketplace should be designed and manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and have an EC Declaration of Conformity by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Hoists are manufactured with 10 years of serviceable life before a major overhaul or replacement is required. The ten year service life may not necessarily be a physical ten years of operation, but may be used up more quickly or slowly based on how the machine is being operated during its working life.

In order to help evaluate the working life of a hoist you need to be able to calculate how much of the original manufacturers Safe Working Period exists after your lifting operations have occurred.

All hoists start off life with a 100% SWP and as they are used the percentage will reduce until its reaches 0%, whereby a General Overhaul (GO) is normally carried out by the manufacturer or their representative. If a general overhaul is not possible or financially viable then the unit should be replaced as the serviceable life has been exceeded.

When you are buying a new hoist you need to careful select a unit which has the correct duty rating for your particular lifting operations, so that you will have a machine which does not use its SWP too quickly and require replacement.

Safe and reliable load handling are a primary concern to ensuring and maintaining safety during all lifting operations. Wear and tear due to normal use can easily result in potential problems, if they are not addressed in good time, so  knowing your remaining SWP can help with early detection of hazards caused by material fatigue, can help with predictive maintenance and also give early notification of a required general overhaul or when replacement of the hoist should occur.

All users of hoists should be aware of the remaining SWP on all the hoists in their possession and it is recommended that a log book detailing all lifting operations is kept for each unit.

Keeping a log of all lifting operations is not something I have seen done by users of hoists in the past, but there are other methods available to help give an awareness of running / operating time on each of the hoist units.

Hours in service meters fitted to your hoist do help you to evaluate how long the hoist has been operating, but these types of devices only log the amount of time the mains contactor in the hoist has been energised and not how long the electric motor has been actually running to lift and lower the load.

Predictive maintenance devices which monitor all lifting operations and weigh the load lifted, running times and lots of other hoist parameters can be used and these are probably the most accurate way to understand the hoist status, as they constantly recalculate the remaining SWP. These devices are not normally fitted to equipment and could be a costly addition to your existing hoists or any new ones you are purchasing, plus its only normally electric wire rope hoists that have predictive maintenance devices fitted to them, so are not generally available for electric chain hoists.

In order to help a user evaluate their remaining Safe Working Period (SWP), we have developed SWP calculator utility which will help you try to predict when a hoist is at the end of its working / serviceable life and should undergo a General Overhaul (GO) or be replaced.

The utility is been produced specifically for users who do not have a log book of lifting operations available for the unit in question and there are no other methods of evaluating the SWP.

You also need to bear in mind that during the hoists serviceable lifetime, the unit should still undergo regular servicing in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and also be thoroughly inspected on a regular based by a competent person under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), in the United Kingdom.

Our SWP calculation utility can also be used to check if a hoist is suitable for particular application as buying an M3 / 1Bm duty rated hoist for an application which always lifts the maximum load or runs for a prolonged period may not be the best decision as the SWP will be used up quicker.

In order to check if a hoist is suitable, key in data of how you would like to use the machine in the future and adjust the duty factor variable to see the effect on the machine operating at that level for the period of time you want it to operate. From that output data you will know if the machine is suitable or not. If you haven’t already purchased the hoist, you will know the duty of the hoist you need to purchase do your lifting operations.

The SWP calculation utility has been designed to output a PDF document via email that can be printed for each hoist in your possession and updated periodically during the hoists lifetime to help predict your remaining SWP.

The indicative calculation of remaining serviceable life of the hoist can then be  held with the EC Declaration of Conformity, service reports, LOLER inspection reports and any other relevant health and safety documentation for the unit.

Click on the following link to use our free utility: SWP Hoist Calculation

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Chain hoist targets less experienced operators

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

VARIO is the inverter version of VERLINDE’s EUROCHAIN VR electric chain hoist. Designed for handling loads of 100 to 2500kg, operator productivity is enhanced, life span increased and operating flexibility is improved.

The VVF drive has no lifting movement thresholds, which enables accurate positioning of loads and greater operating flexibility. Depending on the value of the load, the type of movement and their own experience, the operator can choose the travel speed most appropriate to the operation. Lifting operations are safer and more accurate. With its minimum speed of approximately 0.25m/m, VARIO enables less experienced operators to manipulate loads with no risk of damage. Continuous control of speed also provides greater productivity. This feature now allows lift speed and motor torque to be dissociated: speed, for the reduction of cycle time to enhance hoist station productivity when running empty, and motor torque, for lifting under load to ensure precision travel with a maximum power margin.

The VARIO inverter system called ESR provides a maximum speed 1.5 times greater than the standard speed, and the integrated customised version of the deceleration ramp enables a lifting speed twice as fast as normal with light loads. Full speed can be used to a maximum of 40% of the rated load, the maximum motor speed remaining at 3000rpm. At 20% of the load, the rated speed is the equivalent of 150% of the listed speed. With nominal load, the rated speed is the equivalent of the listed speed.

With VARIO the life span of equipment is increased. Continuous speed control reduces mechanical shock by means of gradual starts and smoother halts. The reduction in the number and level of shocks to which the crane components or structure are subjected increases the life span of the frame. Continuous speed control, furthermore, enables the use of the electric brake during deceleration before application of the mechanical brake. Electrical braking reduces brake wear because the mechanical brake is only used when stationery.

VARIO has all the advantages of EUROCHAIN VR electric chain hoists..

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Hoist UK supply stainless steel crane system

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Hoist UK have recently supplied a free standing 250kg SWL crane system manufactured from stainless steel 304, for an application mounted directly above an acid dipping facility.Crane 1

The free standing crane structure was designed to BS EN1993 and manufactured from closed stainless steel sections for ease of wash down by the customer and enhanced protection in this hazardous working environment with  all the main structural components pickled, blasted and passivated prior to delivery to the customer.

The push/pull crane system itself was also manufactured from stainless steel 304 and finished in the same manner as the main supporting structure and then fitted with a VR series electric chain hoist from Verlinde.

The electric chain hoist was specially prepared with stainless steel bottom block, hook and chain with biodegradable lubricants in the hoist gearbox and on the lifting chain for this application.

The hoist was fitted with stainless steel shield on the underside of the hoist body to give the unit added protect in the working environment and the main structure was fitted to the customer existing slab floor with a stainless steel anchor system.

Crane 3

Hoist UK carried out the installation, comissioning and load testing for the customer during their weekend shutdown ready for production to start again on the Monday morning.

Hoist UK are a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and handling equipment for the industrial and entertainment market sectors and we distribute products directly from some of the world’s leading  manufacturers to offer you the best price and service possible.

We aim to meet all your supply needs; from the supply of a shackle to the design and installation of a complete lifting and handling system, we will integrate products from our suppliers range with equipment and services of our own design to create a complete project solution.

Specialist and bespoke products are produced using our own in house design and manufacturing facilities, which are UKAS accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

For more information on our specialist range of stainless steel lifting structures and appliances, please contact:

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Verlinde Launches New Range of Stagemaker Entertainment Hoists

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

French manufacturer Verlinde has launched a new generation of its electric chain hoist range for the entertainment industry—Stagemaker SR.

Boasting an entirely new ergonomic design, the SR is fitted as standard with a double brake system, CHAINFlux special chain guide, Perfect Push patented hoist load wheel, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads.

The Stagemaker SR is marketed in two models: SR2 for loads up to 250kg, and SR5 for loads up to 500kg, each available with hoist speeds of 4m/min, 8m/min or 16m/min. The two models are each available with versions A and B.

Version A involves motors with direct voltage control and the version B motors with low voltage control. Its new ergonomic design, black in colour, enables it to fit in well with its environment especially with grid lighting systems. Handgrips prevent any risk of injury during assembly while offering optimum compactness when retracted. Protective rubber pads also offer shock protection during handling.

Keeping to Verlinde Stagemaker tradition, the SR is fitted with safety features to comply with current standards and regulations. It is equipped with a double hoist brake thus providing direct D8+ compatibility (D8+ ready with calibration obtained by dividing the rated load capacity by two).

This hoist has a new hoist load wheel concept with a chain drive using intermediary teeth, marketed as Perfect Push, together with the CHAINFlux MKII chain guide system. With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch system in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment. Electric limit switches come as standard on the version B to ensure operator safety in maximum upper and lower positions of the hook.

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Hoist UK Offer FREE Stagemaker Motor School

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

To coincide with the release of the Stagemaker SR Electric Chain Hoist from Verlinde; Hoist UK are offering FREE motor school’s to all UK based customers.

The course is fully authorised and approved by Verlinde SAS and will take place over one full day at Hoist UK’s premises on the Wirral. The course will be presented by Tony Dickson, who is a Director of Hoist UK and in his past presented over 90% of the UK motor schools for Tomcat UK and PCM.

TD Training

The course will give the delegate a basic understanding of the hoist mechanics and electrics as well as demonstrating how to operate the unit safely. There will also be a ‘practical session’ where you will get a real “hands on” experience with the Stagemaker SR, participate in fault finding tasks and receive guidance on how to identify spare parts.

“We feel that our clients deserve to be given the time to thoroughly understand our products and services” says Tony Dickson, Director of Hoist UK Ltd. “With the launch of a new hoist, the course will allow them to get a working knowledge the product, and build confidence when they are specifying, or buying” he adds.

Fellow Director Paul Jordan says “We are very excited about the launch of the Stagemaker SR, and feel that by offering this free course that it will not only demonstrate how easy this hoist is to use, but how quick and efficient the maintenance really is”.

“After several years of successful collaboration with Hoist UK, and the excellent reputation and technical background of Tony Dickson in entertainment sector, it was an obvious decision for Verlinde to choose Hoist UK to develop and deliver the training in the UK” says Verlinde Marketing Manager Jean-Yves Beaussart. “The STAGEMAKER SR lends itself well for use in all types of venues (for inverted or upright configuration) and offers the highest levels of manufacture and safety” he adds.

The high reliability of the STAGEMAKER hoist is unquestionably proven by the tens of thousands of models already in use around the world, the STAGEMAKER SR model is innovative in its simple design and approach to easy maintenance.

“It is the only model on the market that is equipped as standard with a double lifting brake, custom CHAINFlux® chain guide, patented Perfect Push® load wheel, retractable handgrips and rubber bumpers, but you will learn more about that in the course” says Dickson.

All motor school bookings will be scheduled through Louise Dickson at their offices, but Hoist UK are offering a virtually open invitation to all their industry colleagues and the course is suitable for all; hardened industry professionals, people new to the industry and students alike.

For more information on training courses and dates or to arrange a visit please contact our training team on: or +44 (0)151 334 7682.

For further information visit: or contact: Remember: Safety Above All

FREE Stagemaker Motor School

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

To coincide with the release of the new Stagemaker SR Electric Chain Hoist, we are offering FREE* Motor Schools to you and up to five members of your team.

Motor School SR

The course will take place over one full day, and will consist of the following subjects:

  • Basic Electrics
  • Safe Use & Operation
  • Practical School
  • Fault Finding
  • Identification of Spares

For more information, contact us using the following link e-mail or call Louise on 0151 334 7682 to book your place now.

For more information on the range of hoists available, please click here

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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STAGEMAKER SR: New Generation of VERLINDE Electric Chain Hoists For the Entertainment Industry

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Boasting an entirely new ergonomic design, STAGEMAKER SR is the only model available on the market fitted with double lifting brake, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. STAGEMAKER SR fits in well with all types of installation offering best-in-class safety and productivity.

STAGEMAKER SR is marketed in two models, SR2 for loads of up to 250kg, and SR5 for loads of up to 500kg, each available with hoist speeds of 4m/min, 8m/mim or 16m/min. The two models are marketed in versions A and B. The version A refers to motors with direct voltage control for rental and general rigging purposes. The version B refers to motors with low voltage control for fixed installations. Its new ergonomic design, black in colour, enables it to fit in well with its environment especially with grid lighting systems. Its handgrips prevent any risk of injury during assembly while offering optimum compactness when retracted. Protective rubber pads also offer shock protection during handling.

Keeping to the VERLINDE STAGEMAKER tradition, STAGEMAKER SR is fitted with the best possible safety features. As standard delivery the new STAGEMAKER SR model is equipped with double lifting brake, in order to render this unit directly compatible with D8 and D8+ (with new setting of the torque limiter to divide by 2 nominal capacity), this lifting unit will also became the first and alone product on the market with such safety level. The standard version is fitted with a new hoist load wheel concept with intermediate teeth for the drive chain, a Start/Stop palm button on the control box, a torque limiter, a hoist disc brake, low control voltage (48V), a variable speed travel motor and an electric safety limit switch for high and low positions. With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch system in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment. Fitted with an electric stop function as standard equipment on the version B, the safety of maximum upper and lower positioning of the hook is ensured by these electric limit switches and the switches themselves activated in turn by two rope slack stops.

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The New Generation of VERLINDE Electric Chain Hoists

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

With its completely new design, EUROCHAIN VR is VERLINDE’s new range of electric chain hoists. Thanks to its new, fully ergonomic design, EUROCHAIN VR offers a wide range of innovations that guarantee the highest levels of safety, productivity and ease of maintenance.

The EUROCHAIN VR is designed to provide users with the maximum level of safety. In its standard version, it features a new lifting load wheel concept with intermediate teeth to drive the chain, a button unit punch-type On/Off switch, a torque limiter, a disk lifting brake, a very low voltage command (48V), direction speed version variation, a safety electric limit switches for up and down position and complies with the CE machine directive.

EUROCHAIN VR increases productivity. All models offer a wide range of speeds, 25% quicker than the previous generation. The lifting motor is also dual speed as standard for smoother operation. EUROCHAIN VR can lift up to 2.5 tonnes on 1 wire in FEM 2m, providing the possibility of working at higher lifting heights while reducing the chain bag dimensions and so making the lifting unit more compact…

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Hoist UK announces the global launch of the Concerto hoist

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Hoist UK is pleased to announce the formal international launch of the Concerto series of Variable Speed Concert Hoists from Niscon Inc.

The Concerto has been designed and engineered using a Stagemaker® hoist body and with the support and assistance of R&M Materials Handling of Springfield, Ohio, and Verlinde SA, France.

The Concerto is conceivably the most concise and safety conscious variable speed chain hoist on the market, meeting and exceeding some of the worlds strictest legislation for chain hoists both in Europe and the Americas.

In addition to the usual heightened design factor of safety and double brakes required in this type of hoist there are two sets of safety limits each with independent functionality and different activation methods (one rotary and the other direct struck) to prevent accidental over-travel of the hoist.  The rotary switch is monitored for rotation using an encoder which also functions as the backup to the main encoder.

A third encoder is attached to the load wheel to ensure the chain has travelled to its exact position.  The values from each encoder are constantly compared against the others for errors with encoder data stored and saved even when the power is turned off to the hoist.

Niscon Inc.’s president, Joseph Jeremy says, “This hoist is simply the best I have seen on the market.  In comparison to other chain products, the Stagemaker® body was the only choice that could deliver the performance we were looking for along with consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. Our goal was to develop a variable speed chain hoist that was safe, practical and would complement the Raynok line of motion control solutions.  In order to achieve this we added additional features to enhance safety and performance of the overall product, including a rotary limit switch, load cell and not one, but three encoders.”

The first public showing took place at the PLASA 2010 trade show in London, on the Hoist UK stand forming part of the central display which also showcased the Raynok motion control system. “I have been working with chain hoists and control in the entertainment industry for the last 18 years and have been involved with several motion control systems in the development stage, touring and in fixed installation applications.

The combination of Raynok motion control system and the Concerto hoist is by far the most precise, intuitive and safest system I have ever used” comments Hoist UK’s director Tony Dickson. “The Concerto is smooth, quiet and infinitely versatile and a great addition to our repertoire, it will be loved by riggers and LD’s alike” adds Hoist UK’s fellow director Paul Jordan.

An early version of the hoist can be seen in performance at Haze Nightclub at Aria in Las Vegas where Niscon Inc. installed 20 units for John Lyons Systems of Los Angeles, California.  The Haze system uses 20 hoists to manoeuvre 5 lighting trusses over the dance floor to enhance the effects of the light show for the club’s guests and patrons.

Niscon Inc.’s VP, Peter Sinkner says of the Haze installation, “John Lyons wanted smooth fluid motion on the Haze dance floor.  He wanted to give the patrons something different and really WOW them.  On his first visit to the club, John asked me to show him what the system could do.  I took control of one of the trusses with the Raynok MK2 Console joystick and rolled the truss on pitch and yaw while also flying it up and down.  When I stopped and looked at John, the smile on his face said it all.  Niscon Inc. had delivered what he was looking for and then some.”


Verlinde animates French music hall

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Verlinde has provided the solution for the first Zénith music hall in France to be electrically prewired for light and sound equipment, with its electric chain hoists and trolleys employed in the stage area.

FL Structure used 50 SM5 electric chain hoists from the Stagemaker range, around 100 CHD manual travelling trolleys and a number of CHV motorised trolleys at the Zénith in Amiens.

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