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Cranes and hoists to save the day after warehouse fire

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

A reconstruction process at a busy warehouse that was severely damaged by a fire has started with a selection of Verlinde Eurobloc electric wire rope hoists and Eurochain power travel electric chain hoists that have been installed in conjunction with a series of Pelloby cranes.  

The site in Fareham which is owned by Kelvion, a leading manufacturer of heat transfer products such as plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned-tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers, and refrigeration heat exchangers, became engulfed in a huge blaze overnight during March 2014.

As a result, a fifth of the company´s facility was rendered completely unusable. However, the factory is now up and running again thanks to large-scale rebuilding work that has included the installation of several Verlinde hoists mounted to single girder travelling cranes designed, produced and supplied by UK manufacturer, Pelloby.

In total, five overhead cranes were supplied, all spanning the factory width of 12,543mm. The three highest load capacity cranes all feature Verlinde electric wire rope hoists. Two Eurobloc VT3 models offering 10 tonne safe working load, 320mm wide flange settings and 6m lift height were joined by six Eurobloc VT2 low headroom models with 5 tonne safe working load, 320mm wide flange settings and 9m lift height.

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Verlinde Wire Rope Hoists Handle Electrical Transformer Stations

Monday, December 1st, 2014

The Port of Rouen is an important terminal for bringing goods in bulk or containers into France. The port has berths for ships of up to 150,000 metric tons with all appropriate handing equipment. After countless voyages around the world, containers eventually come to the end of their useful life. Some make their last voyage to Rouen to be sold and recycled. SNT Duriez, set up at Grand Quevilly, a short distance from the Port of Rouen, is a specialist in energy conversion and has a reputation for its production of special power transformers of up to 40 mva.

Jean-Bernard Chombard, managing director of the company, has an interest in producing and transforming electric energy. He is familiar with all aspects of the subject – rotating machinery, transformer substations, or even photo-voltaic installations – and he has been consulted by major industrial groups. SNT Duriez at Grand Quevilly installs electrical transformer stations in containers for ABB. They then become Shelters.


The brand new 2000m² Grand Quevilly building complies with RT2020 regulations in respect of insulation and energy efficiency. Heat recovery controlled mechanical ventilation, recovery of rainwater, a forthcoming roof installation of 1200m² of photovoltaic panels to produce 100 kWc…etc. The building skin is highly insulated and the 20 cm concrete floor is laid on 8 cm of insulating material.

A stand-alone metal structure has been designed to accommodate the travel of the two suspended cranes fitted with Verlinde Eurobloc VT3 wire rope hoists. As the floor has a load limitation of 2.5 T/m², the number of supports had to be increased. The whole metal structure can be dismantled and transported.

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Hoist UK announce a new range of clean room hoists and crane components

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Hoist UK are please to announce an exclusive distributorship of the D2cranes range of clean room hoists, crane components and lifting equipment.

In the current era of intense competition, companies are constantly under pressure to develop new and innovative products in shorter time cycles, at lower cost and with ever higher quality. Worldwide, the demand for safe, sustainable, clean and innovative products is growing and since 2009.

D2cranes and their dedicated partner Hoist UK have anticipated these requirements by developing a range of hoists and cranes, suitable for operation within a clean room environment.

D2cranes are dedicated to the development and manufacture of innovative, safe, clean and efficient lifting solutions.

Our range of hoists and cranes are suitable for all clean room environments from food industry to the semi-conductor industry and we are developing the products for clean room applications, because we don’t just sell standard products for clean room use, but have a range of products fit for purpose and specifically designed for clean room use.

Clean room hoists are based on three main selection categories:

OPTIMATE: The Optimate hoist is based on standard wire rope or belt hoist technology with modifications to make it suitable for operation in a clean room environment.

DEDICATE: The Dedicate is built up out from of a series of hoists, that are specially designed for environments in which minimal contamination has highest priority.

ULTIMATE: The design of the Ultimate hoist is our high-end solution based on the specifications of our most demanding customers of lifting installations in cleanrooms.

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Verlinde increase African presence through East African Chains

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Capitalising on recent projects in South Africa, French lifting equipment manufacturer Verlinde is expanding its territorial reach to cover Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya via its African representative East African Chains.

Verlinde has been serving African lifting equipment markets for many years, most recently announcing the supply of crane components for a R130m training centre in Johannesburg for Barloworld.

Citing increasing state investment in essential infrastructure by the government’s of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, Verlinde says the conditions are right for the local workforce and foreign investors to build on these developments.

Through a joint project with distributor East African Chains, the company will work to supply Uganda’s emergent oil industry, while details of other upcoming projects in Tanzania and Kenya will be announced in the near future.

The Konecranes-owned distributor also serves markets in Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and the Sudan, supplying chains along with a range of engineering products.

Verlinde France managing director, Thomas Descamps, said: “Verlinde remains committed to the emerging markets in Africa. Verlinde recognised many years ago that these nations had a big future on the world stage and we are proud to be giving them a lift in achieving their ambitions and future success.

Commenting on the importance of Kenya’s position as the largest economy of all Central and East African nations, he adds: “Industry and manufacturing in Kenya, for example, still only accounts for 16% of their GDP and we are looking forward to playing our part in improving this number for the benefit of all.”

Another example of this is Verlinde’s pan-African expansion is its partnership with South African materials handling firm Akhanani, which has just signed a deal to provide jib and EOT cranes for a project in Zambia.

Simon Rothechild, Verlinde’s business development manager, commented: “Far from being new to Africa, Verlinde has been doing business here for decades. We have had local representation in South Africa for many years and the time is right to make the next move in our expansion plans.

“We have a number of well founded relationships in place with local companies and the stage is set for a period of rapid growth.”

Verlinde’s local representative at East African Chains, Mark Tilbury added: “Verlinde has a lot to offer East Africa and we are looking forward to helping these growing economies develop. Too many economies are currently based on agriculture, and industrial development will hopefully deliver better food security for local people and be an important catalyst for economic growth.”

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Verlinde commences jib manufacturing in Pakistan

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Verlinde will this month start manufacture of jibs based on its kit mechanism in Pakistan, and the beginning of its direct jib crane delivery to the country.

Verlinde jib cranes have applications in industrial and manufacturing environments, enabling goods to be moved upon a floor or lifted to different floors.

The news follows on Verlinde Pakistan’s ‘massive’ crane orders from Indus Toyota and Pak Suzuki.

Verlinde will ensure that jibs with SWL 0.5–2t are manufactured and available from stock in Pakistan. Jibs are available both demand and to order, the company said. It will also make aluminium jibs used in water treatment operations.

The company has made the strategic decision to manufacture in Pakistan because of the popularity of its products in the country. The move that will make it easier for it to meet the demands of its customers in Pakistan.

Simon Rothechild, business development manager for Verlinde, said: “Being able to announce work with big global players like Pak Suzuki and Indus Toyota so soon after Verlinde’s move into Pakistan is amazing progress and to keep the momentum going, moving to manufacture now makes strategic sense and demonstrates our commitment to Pakistan as a major emerging market. Manufacturing here means we will be able to offer an unrivalled service to our Pakistani customers and we are really looking forward to seeing the project grow moving forwards.”

Shahid Akram, who is Verlinde’s country representative working on the project in Lahore, said: “The decision to commence manufacture so soon has not been taken lightly, but that fact that we can so soon confirms the soundness of the decision to invest in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country with a great future and we are looking forward to seeing our cranes help build the future here.”

Integrating with Verlinde’s new manufacturing centre, its existing products and services in Pakistan will continue as usual. Its recently introduced chain hoist may be ordered from stock immediately to complement the jibs. Service will continue in Pakistan for the ATEX explosion proof range. The liaison office will be able to offer rapid access to Morris brand spares.

Already, manufacturing is underway. The company said that the first cranes and components will be coming off the production line by late 2011.

“Manufacture in Pakistan is a major milestone in our plans to harness the potential the sub-continent can offer,” said Thomas Descamps, Verlinde’s managing director. “We are delighted to be moving so quickly; our colleagues on the ground in Pakistan are doing a fantastic job and as a company we are proud to be playing our part in this country’s developing success story.”

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