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Verlinde Shows Lifting Products in Cameroon

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Verlinde organised a stand at the Promote Trade Show in Yaoundé, Cameroon aimed at seeking partners, integrators and distributors of manual or electrically driven lifting equipment.

The French manufacturer was seeking partners to work on a local basis to develop markets embracing the building industry, communication networks, port and even petrochemical infrastructures.

Verlinde made its contribution to the Pavilion of France by exhibiting electrically powered wire rope hoists and chain hoists together with a wide range of manual hoists. There was a meeting with Cameroon’s economy minister, while a media campaign was launched in the local and national press.

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Lifting Equipment Service Engineer Position Available

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Due to our increased growth and expansion, Hoist UK Ltd require an experienced Service Engineer to install, service and repair lifting equipment  to support existing clients within the UK industrial, theatre and the touring and event industry.

The ideal candidate will have an engineering background and will have experience in a lifting equipment environment. The candidate should be able to demonstrate that they have experience of installing, commissioning, servicing, maintaining and repairing electrical and mechanical lifting equipment such as chain hoists, overhead travelling cranes, rope hoists, winches, monorails and slewing cranes at our customer sites. The suitable candidate should also have a good working knowledge of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

The position will be based at our Bromborough works on the Wirral and will require working from our customers sites, when necessary.

Job Title: Lifting Equipment Service Engineer

Location: Bromborough based, with UK national coverage

Salary: Negotiable based on experience

Start Date: October 2011

Skills and Qualifications required:

  • Proven track record within the lifting equipment industry
  • Experience within the UK entertainment Industry in particular hoists, truss and rigging (preferred, but not essential)
  • Good IT skills including Office (Word and Excel) and ideally some basic understanding of CAD
  • Ideally an ability to read and understand electrical and /or mechanical engineering drawings
  • Knowledge and understanding of LOLER & PUWER.
  • Full clean current UK driving license
  • Holding a current IPAF & CSCS card (preferred but not essential)

An attractive remuneration package will be offered to the right candidate.

Applications will be accepted up until the 9th September 2011 with interviews commencing on the 19th September 2011 and a starting date during October 2011.

All applications and your CV should be sent to: and will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Niscon to provide Concerto system to Avalon Nightclub Group

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Niscon Inc. returns to the nightclub scene and Singapore with an installation of Concerto VSL500 variable speed chain hoists at Avalon Nightclub Singapore.

The Installation will feature 18 VSL500’s, 6 Stagemaker Configuration C hoists, 1 Raynok CH-800, a SIL3 Safety System and a Raynok MK2 Console at the helm.

The Avalon Nighclub will be housed in the Crystal Pavilion at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino on the bay in Singapore. The club features a spectacular view of the bay and the Esplanade Theatres

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Hoist UK announces the global launch of the Concerto hoist

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Hoist UK is pleased to announce the formal international launch of the Concerto series of Variable Speed Concert Hoists from Niscon Inc.

The Concerto has been designed and engineered using a Stagemaker® hoist body and with the support and assistance of R&M Materials Handling of Springfield, Ohio, and Verlinde SA, France.

The Concerto is conceivably the most concise and safety conscious variable speed chain hoist on the market, meeting and exceeding some of the worlds strictest legislation for chain hoists both in Europe and the Americas.

In addition to the usual heightened design factor of safety and double brakes required in this type of hoist there are two sets of safety limits each with independent functionality and different activation methods (one rotary and the other direct struck) to prevent accidental over-travel of the hoist.  The rotary switch is monitored for rotation using an encoder which also functions as the backup to the main encoder.

A third encoder is attached to the load wheel to ensure the chain has travelled to its exact position.  The values from each encoder are constantly compared against the others for errors with encoder data stored and saved even when the power is turned off to the hoist.

Niscon Inc.’s president, Joseph Jeremy says, “This hoist is simply the best I have seen on the market.  In comparison to other chain products, the Stagemaker® body was the only choice that could deliver the performance we were looking for along with consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. Our goal was to develop a variable speed chain hoist that was safe, practical and would complement the Raynok line of motion control solutions.  In order to achieve this we added additional features to enhance safety and performance of the overall product, including a rotary limit switch, load cell and not one, but three encoders.”

The first public showing took place at the PLASA 2010 trade show in London, on the Hoist UK stand forming part of the central display which also showcased the Raynok motion control system. “I have been working with chain hoists and control in the entertainment industry for the last 18 years and have been involved with several motion control systems in the development stage, touring and in fixed installation applications.

The combination of Raynok motion control system and the Concerto hoist is by far the most precise, intuitive and safest system I have ever used” comments Hoist UK’s director Tony Dickson. “The Concerto is smooth, quiet and infinitely versatile and a great addition to our repertoire, it will be loved by riggers and LD’s alike” adds Hoist UK’s fellow director Paul Jordan.

An early version of the hoist can be seen in performance at Haze Nightclub at Aria in Las Vegas where Niscon Inc. installed 20 units for John Lyons Systems of Los Angeles, California.  The Haze system uses 20 hoists to manoeuvre 5 lighting trusses over the dance floor to enhance the effects of the light show for the club’s guests and patrons.

Niscon Inc.’s VP, Peter Sinkner says of the Haze installation, “John Lyons wanted smooth fluid motion on the Haze dance floor.  He wanted to give the patrons something different and really WOW them.  On his first visit to the club, John asked me to show him what the system could do.  I took control of one of the trusses with the Raynok MK2 Console joystick and rolled the truss on pitch and yaw while also flying it up and down.  When I stopped and looked at John, the smile on his face said it all.  Niscon Inc. had delivered what he was looking for and then some.”


Hoists give lift to Amsterdam Arena

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Industrial hoists and stage hoists have combined to install two new video walls at Amsterdam Arena, in the Dutch capital city.

The 12 x 8m, 15t Sony video walls were lifted into place at a height of 41m using two VT4 machinery hoists, with a special three-fall reeving to guarantee safety, Verlinde said.


The video walls each feature a large front screen and a smaller back screen, which can be lowered out of the main screen. This process is carried out by two VL25 chain hoists with 35m lift heights and simultaneous control.

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New travelling trolleys for chain hoists

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Verlinde is now offering guided and motorised travelling trolleys for its Stagemaker chain hoists.

The motorised trolleys are fitted with speed variation and are controlled by an R8CPU VS controller. The use of this controller makes it possible to drive up to 64 motors in automatic or semi-automatic mode, Verlinde said. This can be used to create ‘the most elaborate scenic effects’, it added.

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RSC take Hoist UK variable speed BGV C1 chain hoists on Romeo and Juliet Tour

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Hoist UK were approached by Eric Dixon head of Automation for the Royal Shakespeare Company after he had seen their variable speed chain hoist motion control system at the 2009 ABTT trade show.

The hoists were required to raise and lower scenery safely, quickly, quietly and accurately during the performance of their Romeo and Juliet UK tour.

Hoist UK provided Stagemaker variable speed SM10 chain hoists designed to BGV C1 and therefore safe to move loads above people, without the requirement for additional safety devices along with a control system that allowed for true synchronous movement of the chain hoists to pre programmed show cues.

The hoists were fitted with vector drives and encoders…… Read more

Remember: Safety Above All

Hoist UK publishes article for Hoist magazine on safety standards

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Tony Dickson, co-founder of Hoist UK, a distributor for the complete range of Verlinde industrial and entertainment lifting equipment, explains to Hoist magazine readers how a German lifting standard seems to have been adopted by the UK entertainment industry when suspending and lifting loads above people.

Within the entertainment industry there are often occasions where it is necessary to move or suspend loads above people, using powered equipment such as chain hoists. There is great debate as to how this should be achieved both safely and legally.

Industrial lifting engineers will at this point no doubt be saying to themselves that there should be no debate at all: LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 ) should be the point of reference and loads should never be lifted over people. They would probably also add that if it is necessary to suspend loads over people they must have a secondary form of suspension bypassing the piece of lifting equipment, in effect dead hanging the load on fully rated and certified steel wire ropes and shackles.

While I would agree that this is the correct option for industrial applications, within the entertainment industry there is obviously more requirement for the loads to be suspended or moved above people. For example, a lighting rig may be suspended above the audience or a piece of scenery will need to be moved into position during a performance. Here, it is necessary to provide equipment that is both fit and legal for this purpose.




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Remember: Safety above all

Safe overhead suspension for the Eisteddfod

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Working directly for Denbighshire County Council; Hoist UK have installed a lifting system to BS7906 Category A / BGV D8+ using chain hoists for the front of house lighting truss in the Royal International Pavilion, Llangollen, home of the famous Eisteddfod International Music Festival.

Commissioned to recertify and refurbish the existing system to meet the current lifting legislation, Hoist UK specified and installed a Stagemaker hoist and control system to BS 7906 Category A /BGV D8+, with a robust radio remote hoist controller capable of controlling up to 16 hoists simultaneously from one radio controlled handset.

Remember: Safety Above All