Stagemaker SR: The new generation

May 24th, 2017

STAGEMAKER SR: New generation of VERLINDE electric chain hoists for the entertainment industry. Boasting an entirely new ergonomic design, STAGEMAKER SR is the only model available on the market fitted with double lifting brake, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. STAGEMAKER SR fits in well with all types of installation offering best-in-class safety and productivity.

STAGEMAKER SR is marketed in two models, SR2 for loads of up to 250kg, and SR5 for loads of up to 500kg, each available with hoist speeds of 4m/min, 8m/mim or 16m/min. The two models are marketed in versions A and B. The version A refers to motors with direct voltage control for rental and general rigging purposes. The version B refers to motors with low voltage control for fixed installations. Its new ergonomic design, black in colour, enables it to fit in well with its environment especially with grid lighting systems. Its handgrips prevent any risk of injury during assembly while offering optimum compactness when retracted. Protective rubber pads also offer shock protection during handling.

Keeping to the VERLINDE STAGEMAKER tradition, STAGEMAKER SR is fitted with the best possible safety features. As standard delivery the new STAGEMAKER SR model is equipped with double lifting brake, in order to render this unit directly compatible with D8 and D8+ (with new setting of the torque limiter to divide by 2 nominal capacity), this lifting unit will also became the first and alone product on the market with such safety level. The standard version is fitted with a new hoist load wheel concept with intermediate teeth for the drive chain, a Start/Stop palm button on the control box, a torque limiter, a hoist disc brake, low control voltage (48V), a variable speed travel motor and an electric safety limit switch for high and low positions. With the new torque limiter, the positioning of the clutch system in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment. Fitted with an electric stop function as standard equipment on the version B, the safety of maximum upper and lower positioning of the hook is ensured by these electric limit switches and the switches themselves activated in turn by two rope slack stops. Lubricated for life to reduce maintenance, the gear reducer was designed for very long durations of operation of up to 3200 hours. Maintenance operations are now simpler, faster and more economical: easy access to brake adjustments, torque limiter settings, fuses, etc. High precision machining on the gear trains, moreover, ensures a very low noise pollution level of only 70dBA. The clutch system is easy of access for occasional maintenance operations and its location in the gear box ensures the load is securely held by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the equipment.

The recently patented « Perfect Push ®», 5-pocket hoist load wheel concept has 5 intermediate teeth for absolute grip of the hoisting chain providing a better chain guide and reducing the polygon effect. The “CHAINFlux MKII” high strength aluminium guide system also ensures fluid movement of chain on horizontal output from the hoist load wheel facilitating passage of the chain on ejection. The system prevents the “polygon effect” due to twisting of the chain and optimizes chain input to the chain bucket. The safety of maximum upper and lower positions of the hook is moreover ensured by electric limit switches located under the chain guide system. The switches are activated in turn by the upper cone of the hoist hook and the slack rope stop.

Numerous options are available: gear limit switch (2 or 4 steps), motor mounted with a lug to replace the top hook, automatic closing of lifting hook, controllers range and flight cases range.

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Adapting the Verlinde Eurosystem for a low headroom installation

May 8th, 2017

Hoist UK recently supplied and installed a steel Verlinde Eurosystem to Lancaster-based manufacturer A House of Stone to facilitate the safe and easy movement of stone within their workshop.

For this project the customer required an overhead handling system that could safely manoeuvre heavy stone in a reduced headroom operation. The Eurosystem ST steel hollow profile overhead handling system was designed with UKA 40 profile beams and suspended double girder crane which is an application ideal for a low headroom solution.

The workshop’s unique ceiling structure meant that our team needed to design and manufacture a bespoke bracket to accommodate very tight headroom issues. Our engineering team installed the system to a very tight tolerance with just 12mm of clearance between the top of the crane and the underside of the precast concrete ceiling…

Download the full case study here

Our New Digital Marketing Executive

May 2nd, 2017

Hoist UK are delighted to announce the appointment a new Digital Marketing Executive as the business continues to undergo further growth.

Eve Pybis has been appointed to the newly created role to provide support to the busy sales team and manage the businesses marketing function. Eve brings with her a wealth of experience in marketing planning, communications and campaign management across online channels and is a valuable addition to the Hoist UK team.

Tony Dickson, Director at Hoist UK said “We are delighted that Eve has joined our expanding team, her wealth of marketing experience will further strengthen the business and contribute to further driving the business forward”

Eve Pybis, Digital Marketing Executive at Hoist UK added “I am delighted to have joined Hoist UK at such an exciting time for the company. Their excellent reputation for technical knowledge and expertise combined with their continuous reinvestment in the business puts them in a strong position in the market, and I’m looking forward to helping drive further growth in our target sectors”.

Space…The Final Frontier

January 12th, 2017

Truss UK is one of the few remaining British manufacturers of load- bearing aluminium trussing products; they design and manufacture structural aluminium products for the entertainment industry as well as other specialist industry sectors worldwide.

Having recently launched their new aluminium space frame product, Truss UK are pleased to announce that they have supplied the National Theatre (NT) with a large OBLIK system.

OBLIK is a modular space frame system consisting of only three main component types, the largest of weighing in at less than 16kg. The system is lightweight, compact for transport and storage and simple to erect using conventional fixings (nuts and bolts) to create complex aluminium structures that are extremely strong.

Truss UK director Paul Jordan says “The OBLIK space frame system was deployed in the grid of the NT’s Lyttelton theatre and is suspended from the underside of the existing infra structure of the building, fitted in the void between the grid and the roof.”

Paul Jordan adds “Each of the OBLIK frames measures fourteen (14) metres long by three (3) metres wide and weighs only 1,380kg, with all the members in the top and bottom plane of the structure having a load-bearing capacity. After installation each of the OBLIK frames were tested with 9.9 tonnes of live load and performed as it was intended.”

Steve Colley, Head of Automation and Rigging at the NT said “we chose OBLIK for the Lyttleton theatre as this system gives us the flexibility to rig new shows quickly, rigging directly from the OBLIK space frame without having to bridle from the roof structure or move grid stands and point hoists round on the grid for the show setup.”

Paul Jordan added “Rather than show loads being supported by the conventional theatre grid they are now supported fully by the roof structure with the space frame distributing and spreading the loads throughout the system and back to the whole building structure rather than imposing larger point loads on it.”

Truss UK director Tony Dickson said “OBLIK can be used for so much more than lightweight mother grids like at the NT. We also have decking and hand railing components to create suspended walkways, platforms, stages, lighting rigs, ground- supported roof systems and even high load columns.”

Tony Dickson adds “OBLIK has recently been used on the external façade of a building in a central Manchester to support a fourteen (14) metre x eight (8) metre video wall. Conventional steelwork support solutions would have imposed in excess of nine (9) tonnes of additional load to the external face of the building, the OBLIK system only imposed around three (3) tonnes of load, which was more acceptable to the checking engineer”.

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Christmas Shut Down

December 23rd, 2016

Our offices are currently closed for Christmas. From midday on Friday 23rd December, until 08.30am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Please feel free to contact us on as we will be checking emails periodically, however we will respond to non-urgent enquiries on our return in 2017.

Thank you for your continued support over the years, and we look forward to working with you in 2017.

The Hoist UK Team.

Hoist helps Workshop to Manoeuvre Canal Gates

December 19th, 2016

Helping the Canal & River Trust to lift and manoeuvre wooden lock gates for canals is the VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT3 electric wire rope hoist. The ten tonne hoist is part of a crab unit that was selected for its ability to offer dual speeds and high levels of operator control.

Pelloby, a company which has been working as a UK distributor of VERLINDE products for several decades, designed, manufactured and implemented the double girder crane system.

The Canal & River Trust has been producing lock gates for the UK´s waterways since 1963. This investment in the 10 tonne double girder crane is designed to further enhance capability at the organisation´s Bradley Workshop in Bilston, West Midlands where around 180 lock gates are produced every year.

With over 1,500 locks on UK canals, building new lock gates is a year-round job at the Canal & River Trust. An average lock gate lasts for about 25 years. Towards the end of their working life they will get a visit from the Trust´s carpenters, who measure it up, ready to be rebuilt back at the workshop. Usually it takes a couple of carpenters two weeks to build a pair of lock gates, but for the biggest gates it can take over a month. Every single lock gate is unique and made in the traditional way using sustainable oak.

Heavy design and construction is needed so that the gate holds up to the pressure of the canal water and continual wear and tear from boats that pass through the lock. This weight means that suitable cranage capacity is required to lift and transfer lock gates between workstations.

For the full article, please click here

White Light Supplies Ipswich Theatres with Brand-New Motor Rigging System

December 5th, 2016

Built in the 1880‘s, the Corn Exchange is one of Ipswich’s premiere entertainment complexes. Featuring stunning Victorian architecture, the venue regularly houses theatre productions and a variety of entertainment shows. A short walk from the Corn Exchange is the Regent Theatre, which is East Anglia’s largest theatre and has an auditorium that holds 1,500 people. To facilitate the various productions in each building, both venues decided to invest in a new motor rigging system. As the technical solution specialist, White Light was called upon to oversee the entire installation.

The project was led by WL’s Engineering Manager Patrick Lockwood. He comments: “We won the tender to provide new motors to Ipswich’s Corn Exchange and the Regent Theatre. We have worked on similar projects in the past, such as the LoadGuard Motors we installed in the Great Hall at Central Hall Westminster, so are fully aware of what various spaces require and what to do in order to achieve this”.

The previous motors were the non VBG 8+ type so needed secondary lock-offs which both venues found were no longer practical and did not fulfil their health and safety standards. These needed replacing with something that was not only suitable but complied to the venues’ regulations and came within budget.

Before and After

Ipswich Theatres 2


Patrick states: “There were three areas in which we worked. These were the stage truss grid and auditorium in the Corn Exchange along with the stage in the Regent Theatre. For the auditorium, this had a very old static lighting structure directly above it meaning that any time additional equipment needed to be added this would require a cherry picker, which obviously wasn’t very practical”.

Patrick visited the site and, after speaking with Steve Bridgeman, the venues’ Building Services Engineer, decided that the Stagemaker BGV D8+ and wall mounted controllers supplied by Hoist UK were the ideal solution.

Patrick adds: “The Stagemaker SR has what is known as a ‘Perfect Push’, which is five pocket load wheels fitted with five intermediate teeth. This innovation means improved chain guiding and chain flow, reducing the risk of chain jamming. Similarly, they have double brake as standard which means they are extremely safe and comply with VBG 8+ regulations and all hoist motors have integral thermal protection to prevent overheating. They are also very reasonably priced and easy-to-use meaning they were perfect for both theatres”.

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Foundry Crane Features Rope Hoist

October 13th, 2016

A turntable crane system has been installed at the Hereford, UK foundry of superalloy manufacturer, Special Metals Wiggin (SMWL), which features a pair of EUROBLOC VT3 series electric wire rope hoist manufactured by VERLINDE. Sitting either side of the crab unit, the hoists support loads up to a combined total of 16 tonnes. The bespoke crane system was designed and implemented by Pelloby, which has been working as a UK distributor of VERLINDE products for several decades.

SMWL’s products, which include Inconel, Nimonic, Udimet and Monel, are engineered to offer a combination of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strength and toughness in some of today’s industries and applications.

The company produces nickel alloys in all standard forms, from large ingots and billets to plate, sheet, tube, bar and extruded section. Naturally, some of the alloy goods are large and heavy, which means the application of a capable crane system in the foundry is a prerequisite.

SMWL regularly looks to invest in new foundry machinery and equipment in order to streamline ongoing operations, and the thinking behind this latest crane was to offer a way of quickly rotating lengthy or cumbersome goods and materials when moving them between various workstation or storage positions.

Having ordered several overhead, jib and portal cranes from PELLOBY in the past, the company was well aware of the scalable nature of the UK crane manufacturer´s design and production process. Indeed, this proved to be a big part of the reasoning behind the selection of PELLOBY for this specific project.

The system solution supplied to Special Metals incorporates a special turntable crane which utilises a 360° slewing crab unit that can traverse freely along two double-girder overhead beams. Spanning 23,470mm the crane´s girders are supported by existing gantry steelwork within the building. A handheld radio control is used to operate the longitudinal motion of the beam, the crab movement and the turntable´s rotation.

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A Day in the Life of…James Jordan

September 26th, 2016

Position at Hoist UK?
Interestingly enough my role at Hoist UK changes depending on what we need. I suppose the official title would be Sales & Marketing Representative.

I do sales, marketing and occasionally get my hands dirty in the workshop which is no replacement for putting on a suit and a pair of English shoes to go out and about seeing new and existing customers.

How Long in This Role?
When I initially started working for Hoist UK 2 years ago, I was brought in as an office junior/designer. My role mainly involved making drinks and designing flyers, advertisements and general marketing materials.
Since those days, I’ve come a long way… I can quote for near enough any industrial or entertainment requirement and I’m looking forward to learning about our sister company’s key product (truss). I can process orders and generate stickers for the equipment that goes out of our doors whilst generally maintaining the image of Hoist and Truss UK both digitally and in print.
I’ve just passed my first LEEA exam (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) and I can’t wait to undertake all of the others, gaining knowledge and experience from colleagues and customers along the way.


How Did You First Hear About Hoist UK?
In a previous entry for ‘a day in the life of’ you may have heard Tony mention Paul Jordan? Well the clue is in the last name. Paul is my Dad, now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Director Hands His Son a Job’ but I can assure you this is far from the case. For starters my Dad works in a completely different department of our offices therefore my contact with him is limited. Being brought in as an office junior meant that I had to work my way up from the very bottom, taking any opportunities that presented themselves to better myself for the good of the company. Since 2014 I have worked my way from an office junior who worked 2 days a week to working 40 hours + in the job role mentioned above.

What Does A Typical Day At Hoist UK Look Like To You?
I wanted to try and take a different approach to answering this question as the day changes so often depending on what is required.
5:30 am
Rather than being woken up to the smell of cooked bacon, the sound of birds tweeting and sunshine in my eyes. I get the overwhelming pleasure of listening to 2 cats crying at the front door wanting to go out and start their day. Once they’ve been booted out, I go back to bed before starting my day.
6:30 am
Okay, so now it’s time to get up and start the day. But wait, even though I’m sat up and my eyes are open this does not actually mean I’m awake. I usually sit in bed for a further 10-15 minutes in a trance like state before continuing on to getting ready.
8:10 am
So, after a pleasant trip down the M53 we arrive at work ready to start a productive day, but not before being sorted with a hot drink (fuel) to function for the day. Tea, milk, 1 sugar and most importantly brewed in a metal tea pot.
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
As I’ve mentioned prior to this paragraph it is very difficult to sum up my usual day in such a short space, most recently I have been sat at my desk design flipping between sales and design mode. Our catalogue gets worked on and I’ve been dealing with some of the sales enquiries as they come in through phone calls and product enquiries on our website. Any products manufactured in our Moreton workshop get stickers designed for them and marketing materials are designed and printed when required. We have a weekly sales meeting which determines what will be worked on the following week. Our 10 year anniversary is coming up so we’re starting to get all the final pieces in place for when it comes around.
5:00 pm +
I’m usually here until I get kicked out, which is usually be any time before 7 pm. I’m no stranger to helping out in the workshop with priority jobs that need to be finished for a customer specified delivery date. I love being here, it’s like a second home!

What Has Been Your Favourite Project/What Is Your Favourite Part of the Job?
If you’ve actually read down to this point then you should be aware that I am responsible for the image of Hoist and Truss UK. We have been currently undergoing a re-brand project for the last year and are coming close to the end. I have especially enjoyed working on our new product catalogues which progress onto the re-design our existing website.

What’s Your Favourite Book?
I don’t have one.

What is Your Favourite Film?
I love my 80’s movies; Back to the Future, Indianan Jones, Star Wars and a personal favourite overall is Ferris
Bueller’s Day Off.

What Was the First Single You Bought?
I’m way too young to be answering this question…When this form was given to me to be completed I believe my exact words were ‘What’s a single?’ I think it’s probably best I pass on this question.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time?
If you were paying attention, you may have noticed that I made a point of talking about English shoes earlier? During my spare time away from Hoist UK I work for the English shoe manufacturer Church’s. Although the idea of working 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year can be a bit daunting, it’s actually quite enjoyable… Not to mention the additional pennies in my piggy bank.

Finally If You Were Stuck on a Desert Island, What 3 Things Would You Want?
1. A Knife
From my experience of being trapped on deserted islands (mainly obtained from watching Bear Grylls) a knife seems to be key for survival.
2. My iPhone
I know my reception would not be very good when stranded, it’s not even good here… but the reason why I would want my phone is for the WikiHow app. It has a built in survival guide with scenarios ranging from First Aid to Surviving a Shark Attack. All of this works without the need for an internet connection.
3. My Girlfriend
She’s been trying to get me to take a day of work for a while now, so I guess a desert island getawaywould do the trick.

Eilon Engineering Celebrates 40 Years of Keeping People Safe

September 26th, 2016

Eilon Engineering has grown to become a world leader in the development and manufacture of load monitoring systems. Its popular product line includes Ron Crane Scales™, dynamometers and load cells for force and load measurement, as well as Ron StageMaster™ load monitoring and overload prevention systems based on latest generation wireless technologies. The company’s list of repeat clients includes prestigious institutions like NASA and the US Air Force along with corporate giants Lockheed Martin, Boeing, GE, Siemens and Vestas, amongst others. Some of the world’s best known brands in entertainment like Cirque du Soleil, the MTV Video Music Awards and Blue Man Group, along with a host of other renowned artists and productions, turn to products from Eilon Engineering for load safety. The company also counts numerous convention centres, theatres and arenas throughout the USA, Europe and the Far East among its list of clients.

 Although Eilon Engineering can be proud of its achievements, Eitan Eilon makes it clear that the company does not rest on its laurels. “We continually look to the future,” he said. “We embrace new technologies and constantly fine-tune and enhance our existing aerospace-quality products while our brilliant R&D team is tirelessly at work innovating new ones.” An excellent example is Elion’s recent launch of Bluetooth hand-held PRRs (Portable Radio Receivers), for which an app is simply downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. The systems enable long range monitoring, have an extremely short response time, and monitor up to 200 load cells per second. Unique battery life provides up to 5,000 hours of continuous monitoring and transmission range can reach several kilometers.

 Eitan concludes by acknowledging the Eilon team and its company partners around the world. “I especially wish to thank every member of our Eilon Engineering family for their non-stop dedication, and to our international network of distributors for having helped us reach the point where we are today.”

 It may be Eilon Engineering’s birthday but it’s Eilon customers that will be receiving the gifts. In celebration of its 40th Anniversary, the company has prepared a generous program of luxury incentives. These will initially be offered at upcoming trade shows, including PLASA 2016 in London 18-20 September (Stand E12), and 21-23 October at LDI in Las Vegas (Stand 714), and will continue throughout the anniversary year.


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