Electric Chain Hoist - (VR type)

Electric Chain Hoist - (VR type)

The new generation of Verlinde electric chain hoists are for loads from 63 to 5,000kg.
Fluid, contemporary and elegant lines give grace to the power of the hoist.

The Eurochain VR range uses innovative technology, which can be adapted to suit each material handling requirement.

Lifting speed ranges have been expanded to better meet production constraints and increase productivity, performance, safety and usage on a daily basis.

Maintenance operations are simple, quick and economical, with easy access to the brake and clutch setting and fuses.

Access (workspace) and easy removal of the electric boards is aided by a removable plug.

The Eurochain VR ensures the highest levels of safety.

The clutch position in the reducer ensures the load is held by the brake, regardless of the machine’s daily operating conditions.

Variable speed travelling combined with high lifting speeds enables flexible, quick and safe operation of the unit.

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