HUKCR3 - Electric Rope Hoist (Double Girder Trolley)

The design of the HUKCR3 hoist is our high-end solution and was based on the specifications of our most demanding customers of lifting installations within a clean room environment.

Safety for human and machine:
With the design of the Ultimate hoist, the safety of the operator and his environment had highest priority. The hoist contains the most crucial parts twice, such as lifting rope and brakes. Herewith the correct and safe functioning of the crane is guaranteed. Even with a part failure, like a rope break or defective brake, the safety of your delicate and valuable machine parts and personnel won’t be in danger.

Clean cranes for clean environments:
The Ultimate hoists and cranes are designed to operate in a highest possible clean room class. With the design, the most sustainable materials were preferred and if necessary chemical treated to achieve a contamination free system. We use completely enclosed and integrated drives. All mechanical processing has been done with the most accurate tolerances and fits. All seals are double designed. We have got the ambition to make our products suitable to operate under the conditions of ISO Class 5 or even ISO Class 4.

Utmost accuracy:
The loads that are moved with the Ultimate hoist are very delicate and valuable. Therefore it has highest priority that every movement will be performed softly and without shocks or swinging. Even when a heavy load is moved from standstill. To fulfill these requirements, the Ultimate hoist contains the most comprehensive controlling systems so a precise and controlled movement of heavy loads is guaranteed.

Versatile due modular design:
The choice of a lifting installation is determined by the requirements originating from the environment and operating conditions. Due to our modular design, we are able to offer the perfect solution in almost every situation. Our cranes can be produced in different variations, e.g. single girder or double girder, so one can choose the most economical or compact design without compromise.

Maximum capacity: 13,000 kg

The benefits of this hoist are very low headroom and true verical lift with lubrication free lifting rope.

The HUKCR3 hoist  includes the following equipment as standard:

  • Variable hoisting speed
  • Variable speed cross travel
  • Power supply 400 V / 3ph / 50 Hz
  • Overload limitor
  • Motor protection IP 55, insulation class F
  • Upper and lower limit switch
  • Dyneema Rope
  • Stainless steel wheels
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Stainless steel hook block
  • Stainless steel covers
  • Stainless steel pulleys
  • Increased motor protection - optional
  • Food grade lubricants - optional
  • ATEX zoning - optional
  • Load indication - option
  • Low voltage 48V contactor control
  • Thermal protection
  • Electrically isolated hook block
  • Push button box
  • One year warranty
HUKCR3 - Electric Rope Hoist (Double Girder Trolley)


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