Clean Room / Hygienic Range

Clean Room / Hygienic Range

Hoist UK Design & manufacture clean room hoists and lifting equipment worldwide.

In the current era of intense competition, companies are constantly under pressure to develop new and innovative products in shorter time cycles, at lower cost and with ever higher quality.

Worldwide, the demand for safe, sustainable, clean and innovative products is growing, therefore we have developed a range of hoists and cranes, suitable for operation within a clean room environment.

We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of innovative, safe, clean and efficient lifting solutions. 

Our hoists and cranes are suitable for all clean room environments from food industry to the semi-conductor industry and we are developing the products for our clean room applications, because we don’t just sell standard products for clean room use but have a range of products fit for purpose and specifically designed for clean room use.

Clean room hoists are based on three main selection categories: 

HUKCR1: The hoist is based on standard wire rope or belt hoist technology with modifications to make it suitable for operation in a clean room environment.

HUKCR2: This unit is built up out from of a series of hoists, that are specially designed for environments in which minimal contamination has highest priority.

HUKCR3: The design of the Ultimate hoist is our high-end solution based on the specifications of our most demanding customers of lifting installations in cleanrooms.

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