Rigging Hoists (Motors)

Rigging Hoists (Motors)

Hoist UK are the UK Master Distributor for Stagemaker range of electric chain hoists.

The Stagemaker is designed specifically for the touring, stage and theatre industry, ensuring safe and precise positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, scenery, etc.

We offer a full range of rigging hoists (chain motors) to suit all applications and meeting all the current UK and European standards including  BS7906 categories A & B, BGV D8, BGV D8+ and BGV C1.

A full range of control options are available direct control, low voltage control, programmable and variable speed drive.
We also offer special preparation (Version E) hoists which are supplied without internal electrics or control for external control integration, for companies that just require the basic model and wish to build the Stagemaker into their own control system.

Single phase hoists are also available.

The Stagemaker can be used in either upright (hoist up, chain down) or inverted (chain up, hoist down) orientation.


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