Rigging Hoist Controllers

Rigging Hoist Controllers

Hoist UK offer a full range of control solutions to suit all eventualities and for every pocket.

From a simple handset (pickle) to state of the art motion control theatre console, Hoist UK has the ideal solution.

Our controllers are available in either steel 19” rack mount with or without additional flight case or in a Sarel steel wall mounted enclosure suitable for permanent installations.

Our controllers are fitted with socapex outlets as standard, however harting, cee-form connectors or other connectors of your choice are available upon request.

Controllers are supplied in a 4, 6 or 8 channel configuration with phase reversal switch as standard.

Controllers are available for a single phase or three phase power supply of your choice.

Controllers are suitable for hoists to BS7906 Categories A and B, BGV D8, BGV D8+ and BGV C1.

Special / bespoke controllers can be produced to meet your exact requirements.

HUK radio control system operates a full Category 3 safety system and is fully compliant with the European Machinery Directive.

Stagemaker range of controllers (from Verlinde) are also available.

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