Raynok - Motion Control (Niscon Inc.)

Raynok - Motion Control (Niscon Inc.)

Hoist UK are European distributors for the complete range of Raynok Motion Control System components from Niscon Inc.

The Raynok Motion Control System is a state of the art control solution specifically engineered for the entertainment industry.

The Raynok system can be configured to control a virtually unlimited number of axis from a variety of manufacturers equipment, such as chain hoists, travel drives, winches and pilewinds.

One of the greatest strengths of Raynok is the ability to simplify the collaborative efforts of the creative and technical teams to create fluid scenic imagery.

Whether the staging of production calls for simple or complex cueing, the Windows™ operating system, common mouse, keyboard and menu commands make executing tasks within Raynok simple and intuitive.

Drop down menus, right mouse button menus, toolbars and a customisable multi-monitor graphic display, aid the operator in configuring a comfortable desktop workspace.

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