RSC take Hoist UK variable speed BGV C1 chain hoists on Romeo and Juliet Tour

Hoist UK were approached by Eric Dixon head of Automation for the Royal Shakespeare Company after he had seen their variable speed chain hoist motion control system at the 2009 ABTT trade show.

The hoists were required to raise and lower scenery safely, quickly, quietly and accurately during the performance of their Romeo and Juliet UK tour.

Hoist UK provided Stagemaker variable speed SM10 chain hoists designed to BGV C1 and therefore safe to move loads above people, without the requirement for additional safety devices along with a control system that allowed for true synchronous movement of the chain hoists to pre programmed show cues.

The hoists were fitted with vector drives and encoders which allowed the hoists to “follow” the one master hoist in a true synchronous movement with the programme monitoring the position of the master hoist and keeping the other hoists within a pre programmed positional tolerance by either increasing or decreasing the speed of the following hoist.

The Hoist UK system was fully programmable via a state of the art HMI touch screen allowing infinite number of cues to be pre programmed and run through very simple and easy to operate software.
In addition to this sophisticated handset Hoist UK also provided a very simple show handset with a hexadecimal switch arrangement for the selection and running of show cues making it very simple for the crew to operate without the need for a touring technician programmer to accompany the kit.

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