Royal Opera House sets the scene with Hoist UK

Hoist UK have supplied, installed and commissioned an overhead crane system for the Royal Opera House’s storage facility in South Wales.

The facility is used by the Royal Opera House for storage, refurbishment and trial build of sets and props prior to be built at their Covent Garden theatre in London’s West End.

The complete system gives them a total lifting capacity of 2520kg, spread over four independent 630kg SWL cranes with a maximum lifting height of eight metres.

The system provided covers an area of 550 square metres in their warehouse roof with no floor mounted steelwork, as this would inhibit the building of large set pieces in this big and empty space.

In order to achieve this we had to design a system of steelwork which was built into the existing building frame to distribute the dynamic loads from the cranes and also work within the capacity of the roof, whilst also leaving suitable steelwork members to suspend our crane tracks.

Hoist UK worked closely with the customer’s structural engineer ARUP to achieve their goal, which meant that we had to supply and install five tonnes of additional secondary steelwork to distribute the loads into the correct areas of the roof to work with the existing portal frames.

All the cranes were fitted with radio control, so that the crane operator can stand in the best and safest location for the particular lift, as items suspended from the crane can be irregular shapes and configurations due to the nature of their business.

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