Regent Street store shops for Hoist UK’s expertise

Hoist UK were contacted by CBL Projects Installations & Maintenance to provide a solution for a descrete lighting and banner rig utilising their pilewind winches and radio control system in a very high profile launch of an exciting new fashion outlet in Regent Street, London.

Working with CBL and the American shop designers, Hoist UK were asked to provide a flexible system of lighting ladders and banners for use high above the store which could not only span the two open glass skylights but also provide the same lighting to the underneath of the flat roof between skylights without having the operating mechanism in sight.

Hoist UK achieved this by housing three multi line winches behind a facia at the top of the storefront and with some clever use of diversion and drop pulleys were able to route the electrical cabling and steel wire rope cabling along the existing roof members to provide a workable and aesthetically pleasing installation.

The project utilised Hoist UK’s LX ladder to provide a fully load rated suspended bar meeting the British Standard BS7906 and suitable for suspending loads above people without the requirement for secondary safety devices. The ladders and pulleys where designed specifically to suit the store with the use of a white polymer for the actual pulleys and powder coated to match the existing decorative finish.

For operational ease Hoist UK supplied a control unit for the winches with a radio control handset, this meant all of the working winches and electrics could be housed discretely away from the clientele leaving a clean look to the display.

The use of this equipment allows the store staff to change lighting and banners simply and efficiently overnight without the need for specialist riggers or access equipment, with the minimum disruption to store displays.

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