Powered Theatre bridges for The New Belgrade Theatre

Hoist UK have successfully supplied and commissioned a theatre bridge installation at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry in their new fully flexible auditorium known as B2.

Working for The ES Group who won the design and build contract to deliver the new theatre, Hoist UK supplied, installed and proof load tested three powered lifting carriages capable of raising, lowering and tracking three technical bridges up and down within the main theatre auditorium. The units were supplied in matt black finish and so disappear in darkened area of the roof that they operate within, above the audience.

Each bridge tracking unit runs on the two steel runway beams mounted in the roof of the theatre and all three units are powered with a single totally enclosed and finger safe power feed system. The bridge tracking carriages span 9.2 metres across the theatre and run the complete length to give lifting coverage anywhere within the theatre when using the technical bridges.

The bridge tracking unit was constructed using end carriages with variable speed travel motors capable or running up to 20 m/min. Each carriage is fitted with articulating trolleys and the overall design of the carriage means that the unit does not skew and lock on the running tracks.

The electrics on board the unit are simple and no complex encoder or inverter systems are required to keep the units square on tracks and synchronised on either side on the venue with control of the tracking using our radio control system with each unit having its own control handset.

The operator can stand anywhere inside the auditorium and fly any or all of the carriages up, down, forward and back within the auditorium. With a system like this being installed above the audience safety was paramount and apart from the high level of safety in each hoist, each carriage was fitted with an anti-collision system making it impossible for anyone, even the least experienced technician, to run a carriage into another carriage on the same track.

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