Keeping a Clean Room with Hoist UK

Hoist UK are able to provide specialist overhead cranes for use within clean room environments using Verlinde belt hoist technology with the hoist having seven patents granted against it.

Normal cranes are fitted with chain hoists or wire rope hoists which require the lifting medium, in this case metallic chain or rope to be lubricated and thus will contaminate the clean room environment.

The lifting belts used in our BH series of electric belt hoists are constructed with fibers,  a form of polyethylene which is up to 15 times stronger than steel, and up to 40% stronger than other man made fibres.

The belts used on these specialist cranes have a minimum breaking load of 8000kg and in this particular application we have a safety factor of 12:1, with no lubrication required and no pollution or contamination to the clean room environment.

The cranes can be mounted from steelwork in the clean room or can be free standing in a fixed or moving arrangement using air cushion technology to allow the structure to be moved across the floor without having contact with the floor.

Clean room crane systems are produced as a custom designed product for your particular application and are currently available for single cranes up to 6.3 tonnes lifting capacity with a 10 tonne version coming soon.

A system has been recently produced to lift 20 tonnes using four individual five tonne cranes with a control system to ensure fully synchronised lifting between the four units, so even larger loads can be catered for now.

Our range of clean room cranes boast the smallest dimensions and headroom available even with large load capacities, and are absolutely clean with no dirt, dust or grease coming from the crane.

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