Hoist UK on the Eiffel Tower

Hoist UK have supplied Verlinde SA in France, who are a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, with a custom built aluminium jib crane for refurbishment work of the hydraulic systems, press cylinders and accumulator cylinders of the west elevator of the Eiffel Tower.

The press and accumulator cylinders of the Eiffel Tower elevators have actually been in service for one hundred years, and this is the first time they have been changed with systems that are technically as similar as possible to the original equipment fitted in the tower.

Our free standing jib crane was a 250kg working capacity unit with a three metre operating radius and with two metres to the underside of the arm. The jib was a bolted and welded construction which could be split down into more manageable components for handling at high level, as the structure would be moved to various locations during the refurbishment work.

Our jib crane was uniquely reported as being the only aluminium slewing jib crane standing on one of the most recognisable steel structures in the world.

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