Hoist UK launch their Integrated Lighting Bar (ILB)

Hoist UK are proud to announce the launch of their Integrated Lighting Bar Winch, which is a truss mounted, fully integrated lighting bar and winch system; designed and built with both safety and economy in mind for the end user.

The ILB is perfectly suited for small studios, theatres and school applications due to its compact and modular design, Tony Dickson of Hoist UK explains “The ILB comes with a simple ‘plug and play’ facility which will aid the user to install the product quickly and easily, compared to a standard pilewind winch installation.” Paul Jordan of Hoist UK adds “Only one item will need to be installed in the venue rather than mounting multiple products, which will inevitably save time and money for the end user.”

An electrical pilewind winch (rated for loads of 125kg and 250kg and with up to six lines) is mounted within the truss, along with a number of drop pulleys which allows a quick and easy method of raising and lowering lighting bars, scenery backdrops or similar suspensions.

The ILB is an extremely versatile product, in that it can be mounted to most structures with a simple clip or hanger. Key safety features of the Integrated Lighting Bar Winch are:

•    Six position limit switch
•    High starting torque
•    Thermal overload protection
•    Manual override operation for emergency use (with safety interlock)
•    Self-sustaining gearbox
•    Additional safety holding brake
•    Unique integral safety gear

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