Hoist UK keeps the flag flying

Hoist UK has recently completed work on the flagpole of one of the country’s most famous royal residences and although this was not one of the largest jobs we have been involved with it is certainly one of the most unusual jobs we have been completed.

During certain ceremonies and during royal residencies the Union Jack or the Royal Standard has to be proudly flown come rain, hail or shine.

Hoist UK were asked to solve a problem whereby an existing winch was causing the rope to be caught within the top pulley of the flag pole and jamming the flag, and with a flag at half mast would cause some rather embarrassing questions to be asked.

The existing winch was a standard pulling winch with a smooth drum and without limits, this was replaced with a single phase winch with grooved drum, rope guide and electrical limit switches, nothing particularly clever you would have thought but the mounting position was such that the winch had to be mounted outside in all weather conditions and had to fit into a very confined space with no civil work allowed and so no alterations to the building or indeed the cabling.

The Hoist UK  team had to undergo extensive security checks before even being allowed on site as you would expect and supplied and fitted a bespoke winch that met all of the criteria and indeed kept the flag flying!

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