Hoist UK provides fast winch for electronic guidance system experiments

Hoist UK have supplied a leading UK air defence company with an electric rope winch and control system for experimental work which involve a controlled drop of a electronic sensor towards the ground to enable a set of readings to be taken before it is brought to a halt just above the ground, without damaging this very expensive piece of equipment.

The sensor is connected to the winch through a set of pulleys and is guided by a system of additional ropes and rigging.

Due to the nature of the experiment it was not possible to fit the winch with a steel wire rope as this would interfere with the experiment, so the winch is fitted with a high strength and non-metallic dyneema rope.

The electric winch supplied is capable of a maximum speed of 6m/s with fast acceleration and deceleration properties, which were required for this particular application.

The stand alone control system provided enables the scientists to change the properties of the winch to try out different controlled drops scenarios and get reams of data to analyse on the performance of the sensor unit at different speeds and with different acceleration and deceleration properties.

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