Hoist UK helps out with particle acceleration experiments

Hoist UK  have provided a series of lightweight 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg manual overhead cranes to a specialist company who manufactures shielded chambers for synchrotron’s, which are cyclic particle accelerators used for experimental purposes.

The systems provided by Hoist UK (shown) are housed within the Alba Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Barcelona, Spain and each of the chambers are lead lined and contain experimental apparatus which needs to be maintained on a regular basis and has components which require a safe method of lifting, so they are not damaged.

The systems each consist of a low headroom and manually operated articulated crane with hoist, and a set of tracks which are built into the roof of the chamber.

The chambers are custom manufactured in the UK to cover the equipment housed within them, so the shapes are sometimes irregular which means that we have running tracks that are not parallel and also sometimes have curves in them.

Normally cranes require completely parallel tracks, but our systems uses our Eurosystem product which has been adapted to have a low headroom articulated trolley, so the carriage on either side of the chamber is allowed to follow the line of the track allowing the crane to move effortlessly without jamming even when out of square.

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