Hoist UK give a high rise solution for legal team

Hoist UK have worked closely with bespoke architectural lighting design company to provide a truss mother grid from which the lighting company could safely and easily install the modern lighting arrangement into the recently renovated Riverside project in Dublin Ireland.

The relatively standard installation was made a little more complex for Hoist UK in that the building and construction work was all but complete when the project for the atrium lighting was commissioned making access a real problem as the roof of the atrium was 30m above the gallery floor and the only access to the gallery was via a narrow doorway.

The Hoist UK project team were also given the task of providing bespoke and fully engineered suspension points to the arched tubular atrium framework and ensure that the gallery floor was not damaged in the installation process.

Conventional scaffolding towers and scissor lift where not an option and the whole installation was completed using a spider access unit, a very specialist piece of access equipment that can fit through standard double doors and operate at a full height of 30m.

The installation comprises of a fixed mother grid suspended at high level to the main building fabric with bespoke round clamped suspension points.

The mother grid suspends a secondary lighting grid from six Stagemaker chain hoists and cable management systems that allow the secondary lighting grid to be suspended above people, without the need for secondary safety devices but also allows for maintenance of the hoists and light fittings at low level during periodic maintenance schedule.

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