Hoist UK fly Bollywood stars in India

Hoist UK have recently finished an installation of four travelling bridges in collaboration with flying effects specialists Kirby’s AFX, in the spectacular new theatre Kingdom of Dreams, New Delhi, India.

Kirby’s Andy Sutton was approached by the Indian theatre company and asked to provide a very specialist performer flying system whereby the spectacle of the Bollywood musicals could be transferred from the normal cinematic setting to live theatre, with dream sequences and battles being performed live and directly above the audience.

Hoist UK was commissioned to design, manufacture and install the flying system, with five 30m long tracks, four independent bridges spanning 20m with each bridge flying two performers across the full width and length of the auditorium.

From the offset Hoist UK worked closely with Kirby’s AFX and the theatre’s owners to bring the initial idea from conceptual sketches to a fully engineered, safe and practical system.

The system utilises the Verlinde ALU lightweight aluminium track system and incorporates some of the major components of the system within the design, providing a smooth and quiet system that can be used safely above the audience during the performance, for smooth and continuous 3D flying of scenery or up to eight world class aerial performers.

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