Hoist UK “Do the Business” in the heart of London

Hoist UK were asked to provide a solution for the Chorus Group for the atrium lighting in the highly prestigious Thomas More Square Business Village on the edge of London’s famous “Square Mile”, which is owned and managed by Land Securites.

The installation of a truss lighting grid to suspend bespoke lighting globes above the spacious and airy main foyer of the complex called for an aesthetically pleasing and more importantly safe system of hoists, control and suspension points.

The truss lighting grid was designed to mimic the shape of the atrium and provide suspension points at very specific points within the atrium to fit in with the whole concept and lighting design, with the suspension point positions being paramount to the success of the look and feel of this very important space within the building.

Additional Steelwork was designed and installed to the buildings existing roof steels to provide a suitable suspension grid for the eight Stagemaker hoists used in this project. The Stagemaker hoists meet all of the requirements of the German safety standard BGV D8+ offering a 10:1 mechanical factor of safety and double brakes, and fully comply with the British Standard BS7906.

Both standards allow for the suspension of loads above people without the requirement for secondary safety devices.

A radio controlled hoist controller was also installed again at high level to provide the operator full control of the system from any vantage point without the encumbrance of trailing cables and leads, allowing the aluminium suspension framework to be lowered safely for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Hoist UK designed, installed and commissioned the system assisting the lighting supplier with the installation of their equipment.

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