Hanging artwork with Hoist UK

Manchester City Council commissioned Chrysalis Arts, an artist-led public art company, to provide the piece of unique artwork for the foyer of Saint Pauls Catholic High School in Wythenshawe.

The artwork was produced using equipment from the schools old gymnasium and classroom’s in its construction, so the piece has quite a unique history linking it to the old school before its face lift.

Employed by Balfour Beatty; Hoist UK provided a winch, rigging and suspension structure to enable the artwork to be hung and to have the ability to be raised and lowered for cleaning or alteration by the school.

The system provided uses manual winches mounted at low level and supplied in a locked enclosures, with a series of pulleys, ropes and rigging to connect to an aluminium framework designed to have members suitable for the suspension of the artwork piece, which was 600kgs in self weight.

The artwork contained certain elements which were permanent, but also had areas that the schools art department could alter and use as a showcase of the pupil’s work, so the need to raise and lower the piece in a safe and controlled manner was required.

The school foyer is now striking in appearance and memorable, with the specially commissioned piece hanging in the new reception area.

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