Design and manufacture a custom performer flying system

Hoist UK are currently working on a project for a new purpose built theatre in the Phuket Province, Thailand. The theatre is sponsored by the Thai government and will be used for Thai cultural performances and will incorporate a 63m wide stage with the proscenium at 20m high. Hoist UK have been commissioned to deliver four lightweight aluminium tracks each of which is 84m long to span the stage and side stage areas and will be used for flying ornate/intricate scenery and performers in this spectacular show.

The performer/scenery winches themselves have been specially designed for the show, each winch has two lift lines and will be housed in its own frame that will travel along the tracks, with up to four winches on a single track at any time all working together in automated cues with the ability to fly a single scenic piece/performer from one winch or linking multiple winches to fly larger objects.

The spec of the winches allow for precise and safe 2D motion at up to 2.0m/second with winch capacities of 300kg. The tracks themselves will be fitted with 100A enclosed power feeds and a full wireless radio system that allows positional, speed and safety protocols to be sent from the winch to the master control desk for monitoring, alleviating the problem of cable management in this highly technical system, freeing up the system from bunched cables to allow full length of the track to be fully utilised for performance.

Hoist UK have designed and manufactured the winches whilst working in conjunction with Kirby’s AFX on the project and will provide engineering assistance for the installation and commissioning of the system in the coming months.

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