“Safety Above All” and on the roads with Hoist UK

Hoist UK have provided design assistance and manufacturing facilities to the global leader in roadside safety systems, for a revolutionary new product that has an innovative design and has already been nominated for three international traffic industry awards.

The roadside pole supports signs and surveillance equipment over the carriageway of our motorway networks and the fabricated products we have provided include the carbon steel sleeve, which runs up and down the main support column of the road sign to enable the arm to be lowered for servicing.

We also provide the main tubular lattice structures which connect into the sleeve and support’s a road sign weighing 250kg and mounted on the end of a six metre long cantilever. The main truss arm is very unique as it is a fully welded lattice structure manufactured from an aluminium alloy, with the main chords being constructed from 4” diameter tubes and the truss section itself is 750mm x 350mm in cross section and has a self weight of 350kg.

The pole assembly is a rotating, lowering, counter balanced and cantilevered pole, which means that one person can easily rotate and lower the sign for servicing and maintenance, without having to close any lanes on the motorway. The pole is rotated off the carriageway and then lowered for access to the equipment mounted on the end.

The inbuilt safety features ensure the arm must be fully rotated before the lowering mechanism can be enabled and operated. The structure is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 51m/s and for a working lifetime of 30 years with fatigue life of 40 years. The unit is designed to fulfil a number of functions which include for the mounting of Vehicle Monitoring Systems as well as traffic monitoring and enforcement equipment.

Look out for this revolutionary product on a motorway near you !!

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